Pet owners are a lot like parents. Both groups typically like to think their animals and/ or babies are way smarter than everyone else’s. An overwhelming majority of the time, however, they’re wrong. Most pets, like most people, are somewhere around the average mark, capable of both clever insights and alarming stupidity.

The above video is most definitely an example of the latter. Thirsty and willing to tempt fate, the dog makes her way to the edge of the pool to drink from the hose. The owner warns that the edge is slippery, and, of course, it proves to be exactly that.

People are funny about letting their dogs swim in the pool. I’ve known some owners who have let their breeds paddle along every single time the family jumps inside the swimming hole, and I’ve known other owners who don’t even let the poor canines look at the pool without reminding them they’re not allowed in. Luckily for Coda, her owner seems pretty amused by the whole thing.

Not surprisingly, there was a pretty big outcry from some of the almost one million viewers who have already watched the clip to know what happened immediately after the dog fell in. As the owner kept recording, he was generous enough to put that clip online, as well. You can take a look at it below…



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