Have you ever been driving and noticed a truck overturned by the side of the road? Have you ever thought about how said truck gets flipped back to the right side? Well, if this video is to be believed, the process is a whole lot less technologically advanced than you might imagine.

Earlier this year, YouTube user SwagLevels got his hands on some footage of an overturned truck. Armed with a forklift, some common sense and some spare tires, the dudes in the video use the forklift to push the truck, use the tires to cushion the truck and then allow gravity to simply force it rightside up. It’s really pretty ingenious and it works like a charm, mostly. I’m not sure the vehicle is in perfect working order, but it’s definitely in closer to working order than it once was.

YouTube is filled with videos illustrating or explaining how things are done. There’s no way to possibly get through them all, but luckily, the quirkier and more interesting ones tend to rise to the top, and this is a great example of that happening. In just a few short days, the clip has already generated almost one hundred thousand views, and in the coming days, that figure should get exponentially higher.



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