Patton Oswalt Name Drops More Than 40 Shows During Rant About How Great TV Is Right Now image
Patton Oswalt recently went on an epic Twitter rant to express his appreciation for what Television has to offer, dropping more than a few titles in the process.
Kelly West 2015-03-03
Bob's Burgers Is Getting A Cookbook, Get The Specifics image
Get ready to pull out your wallets along with your taste buds, as Bobís Burgers will soon be getting its very own cookbook to give culinary-minded fans a shortcut to creating the showís uniquely magnificent burger dishes, like the To Err is Cumin Burger.
Nick Venable 2015-01-27
Bob's Burgers Season 6 Is A Go image
A lot of things can be said about Foxís approach, or lack thereof, to letting their shows thrive. Luckily, the network has no problem showing Bobís Burgers its due reverence, and we get to see a lot more of the Belcher family in the future.
Nick Venable 2015-01-08
The Top 10 TV Shows Of 2014, According To Jesse image
2014 was an especially great year for television which makes this so hard. It feels like there were several series that didn't make the cut that would easily have made it any other year. Which ones? Well, let's not spoil the fun. Here is Jesse's list of the best shows of 2014.
Jesse Carp 2014-12-22
10 Great TV Comedies You're Probably Not Watching image
During the holidays, everyone wants to stay cheery and free from stress and bad moods, but thereís almost always a point when it just gets to be too much. If that happens to you, donít resort to mountains of happy pills and red wine. (Pass those on to me.) A much better way to add happiness and laughter to your day is catching up on some of the best 2014 comedies that you may not have seen the first time around.
Nick Venable 2014-12-19
The 25 Most Masculine Mustaches In TV History image
Here at Cinema Blend, we're tipping out hats and raising our straight blades to the 25 most masculine mustaches that have ever graced our television screens. As any man will tell you, it's not just about how big and thick it is -- Wilford Brimley would like to run counterpoint on that -- but it's also a combination of the performer and what they're representing.
Nick Venable 2014-11-03
Here's The Bob's Burgers Porn Parody You Never Asked For image
Comedy parodies can run the gamut from extremely funny to extremely strange. Weíre not exactly sure how to take the latest Bobís Burgers parody, a joke-filled trailer for the porn parody Bobís Boners. Keep in mind this is a trailer for a porn movie, but itís safe for YouTube and thus not filled with graphic imagery.
Jessica Rawden 2014-10-06
Animation Domination Finales: Bob's Burgers Kills And American Dad Says Goodbye image
Though we donít often break down the shows on a weekly basis, we thought itíd be good to pay our respects, since Animation Domination will be no more by next fall. (For the most part, anyway.)
Nick Venable 2014-05-19
Top 5 TV Shows Of 2013: Jesse's List  image
2013 has been a great year for television, so narrowing down our list of favorites was no easy task. As TV Blend has numerous writers with varying tastes in TV shows, we decided to go solo this year in sharing our Top 5 lists of the best series of 2013. This is Jesse's list, which begins with...
Jesse Carp 2013-12-27
The Good Wife, Revenge Are Up In Ratings Because Sunday Was Made For Drama image
If youíre a Sunday night drama on ABC or CBS, youíre probably having the best day ever. Because the numbers are in and dramas are all on the upswing, gobbling viewers away (even when the footballers are at play). Sorry, comedy ó looks like Sunday just ainít your day. The last night of the weekend has become a hotbed for dramatic activities and with the revelations from this weekendís ratings itís safe to assume that comedy should just look to broadcast itself elsewhere.
Alicia Lutes 2013-11-04
Streaming Watch: 12 Great TV Shows Currently Available On Netflix image
It's at this point in the summer that you're either too busy with summer fun to have time for television, or you're sunburnt and sick of barbecue and looking for some alone time, just you and your Netflix. The thing is, Netflix is like a virtual buffet. The thought of feasting on all of the goodies is exciting, but a little bit overwhelming.
K. West, J. Carp, J. Rawden, M. Rawden 2013-08-21
Fox 2013-2014 Schedule Includes J.J. Abrams' Almost Human And Seth MacFarlane's Dads image
Fox announced their 2013-2014 lineup this morning, along with the planned schedule, which sets up new comedies on Tuesday nights and adds a number of other new series to the schedule, along with the returning shows. Among the new series is J.J. Abrams' sci-fi cop series Almost Human, Seth MacFarlane's new live-action comedy Dads and new animated comedy Murder Police.
Kelly West 2013-05-13
Family Guy, Bob's Burgers And The Cleveland Show Get Into The Holiday Spirit This Sunday image
Fox's Animation Domination Sunday night line-up will be getting into the holiday spirit this weekend. Fox released a teaser for the animated comedy block and it appears that all of The Simpsons will be airing holiday installments on Sunday night.
Kelly West 2012-12-14
A Look At Zach Galifianakis' Character In Bob's Burgers' Christmas Episode image
Those of us who have been looking forward to Zach Galifianakis' guest-voice appearance on Bob's Burgers will get the ultimate TV holiday gift next month as the Hangover star lends his voice to the role of Chet in Bob's Burgers' "God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins." Fox shared some photos from the episode, which reveal Chet and his bizarre holiday ideas, which involve the Belcher kids.
Kelly West 2012-11-28
Watch: Bob's Burgers Cast Hangs Out And Answers Questions image
There's something especially funny to me about seeing actors do the voices of their animated characters. For example, I will never get tired of seeing Seth MacFarlane break out the Stewie impression. There's something similarly surreal about watching a conversation between the cast of an animated family, which is what Fox has given us with this video, which features the cast of Bob's Burgers sitting around asking questions.
Kelly West 2012-11-15
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