13 Popular TV Shows That Should Have Ended Way Sooner image
Of the TV shows that manage to reach pure greatness, however temporary, very few retain that level of quality throughout their entire runs. Here are 13 shows that should have come to a close well before they actually did, although some are very much still on the air.
Nick Venable 2016-03-02
ER's Sherry Stringfield Joins Under The Dome For Season 2 image
ER alum Sherry Stringfield has been cast in CBS's drama Under the Dome in what could prove to be a pretty crucial role in the story. As was the case with the recent casting of Grace Victoria Cox in Season 2, this role isn't directly connected to a character from Stephen King's book. But given how far the series has already drifted from its source material, that's to be expected at this point.
Kelly West 2014-02-20
Before Cult And The Following: 5 Other Pairs Of Noticeably Similar TV Shows image
It doesn't take the astute mind of a TV critic to see similarities in this seasons two new serial killer dramas, namely Fox's The Following and The CW's Cult. Of course, there are bound to be many differences and two projects that share a strong resemblance coming out at the same time is also not a rare occurrence. It's just another in a long line of Deep Impact - Armageddon situations. Here are five other awkwardly timed television releases...
Jesse Carp 2013-02-19
George Clooney Looks Back At His TV Career, And So Do We image
I sometimes forget that Academy Award winning actor-director George Clooney was once a television star. It seems so long ago that he was curing what ails as Dr. Doug Ross on NBC and Michael Crichton's uber-popular medical drama ER. Well before that break-out role, Clooney could be seen all over the small-screen, most notably on The Facts of Life or Roseanne, and he talks a little about all of them in this video.
Jesse Carp 2011-09-10
Producer And Writer David Mills Dies At 48 image
At the age of 48, while working on the forthcoming HBO series Treme, which he was attached to as head writer and executive producer, David Mills passed collapsed on the set and passed away from a brain aneurysm
Jason J. Hughes 2010-03-31
On Too Long: The Most Played Out Shows Of The Decade image
In comprising such a list, the staff here at Blend Television found that it was just as easy to come up with a list of shows that went on way past their prime. Shows that started off great
Blend Television Staff 2009-12-20
TV Top Ten - E.R.'s Death Bed Finally Makes The Chart image
One of television's longest running dramas, E.R. made it into the top ten for the first time in years with its final episode. No, it's not any kind of significant top ten. In fact, the 10.4 share rating and 16.4 million viewers it drew wasn't even half that of the most watched episode of The Beverly Hillbillies.
Scott Gwin 2009-04-09
ER Finale Scores Big Ratings  image
ERís 13 year run came to an end last night in a two-hour finale that, according to NBC, rocked in the ratings. If you put NBC on last night hoping to catch The Office, Earl, or 30 Rock you found ER instead. NBC kicked off the finale event with a one-hour ER special in which some of the cast from the series talked about their memories of working on the show.
Kelly West 2009-04-03
E.R.:  And In The End... image
It's not easy to say goodbye. My cousin Chris actually never says it, instead choosing, "See you later," because he doesn't want to jinx anything. It's especially not easy to do it after fifteen years. But tonight ER said goodbye.
Doug Norrie 2009-04-02
Clips From The ER Finale image
ER is airing itís final episode tonight. Weíre not sure what happens in the end, but we do have some clips for the impatient among you. Below youíll find a few brief scenes from ďAnd In The End.Ē
Steve West 2009-04-01
ER Finally Dies: The End Of An ERa image
I was never interested in ER. Wait, I take that back, I was slightly interested because Michael Crichton created the show and as a young lad I loved Crichtonís novels. So I do remember sitting down with my parents to watch early episodes of ER. And itís amazing that weíre now 331 episodes into a show that was almost never greenlit.
Steve West 2009-04-01
TV Tech Talk: DVR, Hulu And The Death Of Television Conversation image
Why is this and what does it mean? Firstly, programming has reached such a diluted state that folks are just not all watching the same kind of shows. Itís inevitable considering the number of options out there. We arenít all confined to the four big networks and crappy PBS. That alone assumes we are all watching different things.
Doug Norrie 2009-03-27
TV Top Ten - Dancing Taps Into Idol's Territory image
Dancing With The Stars is just getting warmed up, but it's already giving American Idol a run for its money. While Idol's numbers have slowly been slipping Dancing crept high enough last week to
Scott Gwin 2009-03-26
E.R. is ending: Bad for fans, great for doctors image
Chicago General Hospital may be the most cursed hospital in America, or even the world. General Hospital and Seattle Grace give it a run for its money but Chicago General has a streak of demise 15 tragic seasons long. Letís consider some grisly highlights from the last decade and a half.
Doug Norrie 2009-03-23
Highlights Of George Clooney's Return To ER - Videos image
I havenít watched ER in years. In fact, I donít think Iíve seen a single full episode anytime this century, however, even I was curious to see what George Clooney looked like back in his scrubs. Tonight, George ďDanny OceanĒ Clooney returned to the series that put him on the map and was gracious enough to post video clips from the episode in case you missed it or are already craving more Clooney!.
Kelly West 2009-03-12
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