Hugh Laurie Still Instinctively Limps During Filming image
As it turns out, the role of Dr. Gregory House has influenced Laurie, as well. The actor recently admitted on The Graham Norton Show that he has had trouble shaking off a habit he developed during his time on House, M.D.: the limp.
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-26
Halle Berry Is Working With House Producers On This Quirky Medical Drama image
Halle Berry headed over to CBS this summer for the surprisingly consistent mystery series Extant, a project that led to Berry’s production company 606 Films forming a first-look deal with the network. The first fruit of that joint venture has surfaced in an untitled medical drama about a singular protagonist whose off-kilter approach to things is part of the draw.
Nick Venable 2014-09-09
Steve Coogan Joins David Shore's ABC Drama Doubt image
It looks like Brandon T. Jackson isn't the only Tropic Thunder star vying for a spot on network television this season. While Jackson has secured himself a starring role in the anticipated Beverly Hills Cop CBS pilot, British actor Steve Coogan will star Doubt, a pilot in the works from House's David Shore for ABC. Given how well things worked out for Shore the last time he had a British actor with a comedic background on board to play a dramatic role as the lead of his series, Shore may be looking to make lightning strike twice by duplicating the formula with Coogan.
Kelly West 2013-03-20
House Series Finale Preview: Everybody Dies image
The day is almost here: after 8 years, we’ll be saying goodbye to Dr. House and his long-suffering colleagues. Monday’s episode is called Everybody Dies, but it’s entirely under wraps just what that means. Does everybody actually die? Or is the episode’s title merely a philosophical one? With the clock counting down to the last episode of House, three preview clips show status quo at Princeton Plainsboro.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-05-19
House's Hugh Laurie Planning To Reunite With British Comedy Partner Stephen Fry image
With the House finale only a week away, it looks like Hugh Laurie is looking forward to his next step – while looking back at where he came from. It seems he’ll be teaming back up with former comedy partner Stephen Fry, who leaked the news of a project in the works for the former partners via his Twitter account.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-05-14
Jennifer Morrison To Return To House For Series Finale image
Since her days of playing Dr. Allison Cameron on Fox's House, actress Jennifer Morrison has gone on to appear in various films, and dabble in shows on other networks, including a recurring part on CBS' How I Met Your Mother, and more recently, a starring role in ABC's storybook drama Once Upon a Time. But with House wrapping up, many have wondered about and hoped to hear word that Morrison might return to Princeton-Plainsboro at some point. There's good news. Word is, it's happening.
Kelly West 2012-04-26
House Cast Reveals What They Want To Steal From The Set image
As the House finale approaches and the Princeton Plainsboro set prepares to go dark after eight seasons, the big question on everyone’s mind is really this: what are the cast members hoping to steal from the set? Fox released a video featuring interviews with the series’ stars in which they talk not about their touching memories of the show, but instead what they’d like to steal as a souvenir.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-04-23
Amber Tamblyn Will Return For House Finale image
Another familiar face has been confirmed to show up for the finale of House, which airs on Fox on May 21st. This time it’s Amber Tamblyn, who was a big part of the series seventh season who has agreed, apparently without hesitation, to come back to the show for its swan song next month.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-04-21
Olivia Wilde Will Return For House Finale, And She's Not The Only One image
As House winds its way towards the final episode of the show’s eight-season run, everyone is wondering what old faces might pop up for a visit. We already know who won’t be coming back; Lisa Edelstein will not return for a House and Cuddy final bow. But there’s word that we will get a visit from Olivia Wilde.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-03-20
House Finale Won't Include An Appearance By Lisa Edelstein image
The final hopes of House fans for a reunion between House and Cuddy are officially at an end. As the series heads for its conclusion plenty of loose ends will be tied up -- after all, that’s why the show requested an early decision -- but the romance between House and his former boss isn’t one of them.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-02-28
Fox Cancels House: Princeton Plainsboro's Doors Are Closing image
It’s official, and it’s no surprise: word came down today that we’re watching the final season of House. It’s been rumored for some time, and Fox has given show creator David Shore his final request, which was an early decision that will allow him to tie up all of the loose ends and bring the show to a proper conclusion.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-02-08
Fox Puts House On Hiatus, Extends Alcatraz Through March image
Dr. House is going on vacation, while Fox newbie Alcatraz will go on throughout the month of March. Fox made some changes to their plans for both shows today, which may say something about the future of each show, although that’s just conjecture at this point. Certainly it speaks to the success of Alcatraz, which has been bringing in good numbers for Fox.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-02-02
Parenthood's Michael B. Jordan Confirmed To Guest Star On House image
NBC viewers may recognize actor Michael B. Jordan from his roles on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, however it looks like Fox may be the place to see him next on the small screen as the actor may be set to appear in an episode of the medical drama House.
Kelly West 2012-01-03
Hugh Laurie Says He'll Quit TV After House Is Done image
Hugh Laurie has been winning fans and assuring us that it isn't lupus for going on eight seasons as the acerbic Dr. Gregory House on Fox's House M.D.. Once that show finally wraps up its run, however, we may not be seeing any more of Laurie on the small screen. Now Laurie says that he plans to move on from television -- but not from acting -- after the end of House.
David Wharton 2011-11-28
Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber To Guest Star On Body Of Proof image
Fans of Battlestar Galactica, and more specifically Jamie Bamber, might want to start watching Body of Proof if they aren’t already. Word is, the former BSG star is set to appear in multiple episodes of the ABC drama series. Details (spoilers!) on his role ahead!
Kelly West 2011-10-18
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