New Girl Got Sued, But It Didn't Take image
Lawsuits happen in Hollywood all the time, and while a lot of those lawsuits are related to high-profile movies, some TV shows come under hot water from time to time, as well. Such is the case of what happened to New Girl, but the show will go on.
Jessica Rawden 2016-01-04
5 Struggling TV Shows That Need To Get Better image
Letís face it, some of our favorites have fallen a little short of expectations as of late. But, we keep watching. I like to call this ďhope-watching.Ē Itís the simple idea of holding on to a show when itís really not working for you anymore, all in the hope that itíll light your world on fire again. Now, hereís a few shows that need to get better in order to hold our attention for much longer.
Adrienne Jones 2015-12-23
The New Girl Season 5 Trailer Looks Totally Fab, Features Megan Fox image
With her sunny disposition and retro-fabulous wardrobe, itís hard to believe that itís been almost five seasons since we first glimpsed Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) on New Girl. Season 5 will be upon us very soon, and we finally have our first look at it.
Adrienne Jones 2015-12-10
The Outrageous Character Megan Fox Is Going To Play On New Girl image
Foxís sitcom New Girl has landed its fair share of big name guest stars, from Jamie Lee Curtis to Taylor Swift. The latest big name guest star will be Megan Fox, who will join Season 5 as an outrageous new character.
Laura Hurley 2015-12-04
Megan Fox Is Coming To TV, Find Out How image
An actress who doesnít have to actually be starring in anything in order to make headlines, Megan Fox kicked off her career on TV before rocketing to fame on the big screen. It looks like her fanbase can get ready to watch her work some comedic magic directly from the living room again.
Nick Venable 2015-09-18
New Girl Will Return For Season 5, Will Have A Wonky Schedule image
Thereís good news on the horizon for New Girl fans. The Zooey Deschanel starrer has been renewed by Fox for a fifth season on the network. The schedule for the upcoming season is already pretty wonky, however.
Jessica Rawden 2015-03-31
Damon Wayans Jr. Is Leaving New Girl Again, Get The Details image
Just as the NFL, FOXís hit comedy New Girl will also experience its own Coach-related troubles at the end of this season. When New Girl returns for Season 5, it will be without Coach, as Damon Wayans, Jr. will be making yet another exit from the series.
Nick Venable 2015-02-05
How To Watch New Girl Season 3 And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming image
After what Iím referring to as Ye Olde Arrow Debacle last week, itís clear we just canít trust anyone these days. Have no fears this week, however, as Zooey Deschanel is here to do all the things you expect Zooey Deschanel to do.
Nick Venable 2014-09-21
Kaitlin Olson To Add Comedy Gold To New Girl's Season 4, With Rob Reiner Returning image
Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Kaitlin Olson has joined New Girlís cast in a recurring role for its upcoming Season 4, injecting what will no doubt be uncomfortable hilarity into an already awkward situation.
Nick Venable 2014-08-12
Fox 2014-2015 Schedule Moves Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Sunday, Sets Gotham On Monday image
Fox announced their 2014-2015 schedule this morning, and in addition to adding some of their anticipated new series -- Gotham included -- the network has made a few notable changes to their primetime line-up, including moving one of their popular live-action comedies to Sunday night and putting a new hour-long series on Tuesday, ahead of their New Girl/Mindy Project comedy block.
Kelly West 2014-05-12
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project And More Renewed By Fox image
Early renewals have been a bit of a thing for Fox this year, with Sleepy Hollow nabbing a second season pretty early on. Weíve got a little while before the networks start rolling out pickups and renewals in full force, but on Friday Fox opted to give us a little bit of a teaser regarding what is to come.
Jessica Rawden 2014-03-07
New Girl Super Bowl Episode Brings In More Than 25 Million Viewers image
Fox chose to showcase two of their comedies for the coveted post-Super Bowl hour of television that typically benefits hugely from the football game lead-in. Sure enough, New Girl's "Prince" episode brought in a whopping 25.8 million viewers, which is massive, especially by comparison to the show's normal weekly viewership.
Kelly West 2014-02-03
Linda Cardellini To Guest Star On New Girl As Jess' Sister image
Fans of ER and Freaks and Geeks should have no trouble recognizing the face of one of New Girlís upcoming guest stars. Linda Cardellini has signed on to play the recurring role of Jessí sister Abby in the beloved Fox comedy. Not much about her character has been revealed, apart from the fact that sheís the lead characterís sister, and that sheís described as a ďwild child.Ē
Kelly West 2013-12-16
Damon Wayans Jr. Is Sticking Around New Girl For The Rest Of The Season image
If you watched Tuesday nightís episode of New Girl, you saw that Damon Wayans Jr.ís character Coach made his grand return after exiting the series following the pilot episode. Hopefully, you liked Coach, because heís here to stay, at least for this season. Though Wayans is technically listed as a guest star, heíll be appearing in the Fox comedy regularly for the rest of the third season.
Kelly West 2013-11-07
New Girl 'Coach' Videos Tease Guest Stars Damon Wayans Jr. And Taye Diggs image
What better way to emphasize just how much things have changed for Jess and her loft-mates than by bringing Coach back? Damon Wayans Jr.ís character Coach was featured in the pilot episode of New Girl, but when ABC decided to renew Happy Endings, Wayans returned to that show, leaving a vacancy in the New Girl loft that was filled by Lamorne Morrisís Winston Bishop.
Kelly West 2013-11-04
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