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There are way too many good TV shows available to us today. We live in a world of modern riches; an over-abundance of goodness so vibrant itís terribly easy to miss the good stuff. Thereís just so much TV to watch, you see! Especially when you take into consideration television's biggest innovator: the premium network. For-pay stars like HBO, Showtime, and even Cinemax have pushed the medium where itís never gone before, and paved the way for the likes of AMC and others today.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-13
Big Love: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review image
Big Love has always been a show that is a little larger than life. For its first three seasons, and even into its fourth, Big Love's over-the-top sensibility endeared itself to viewers and kept us hungering for more. Maybe itís the nature of the beast forcing Season 5 into old clichťs and plot points that just donít work perfectly in the scheme of things. Certain plot points in Season 5 may leave fans who have watched for multiple seasons scratching their heads.
Jessica Grabert 2011-12-04
Once Upon A Time Casts Ginnifer Goodwin As Snow White image
Big Love is nearing the end of its final season, but, Ginnifer Goodwin is already on her way to finding new work. The Hollywood Reporter has noted Goodwin will be starring as Snow White/Sister Mary Margaret Blanchard in the new ABC pilot Once Upon A Time. The plotline for the pilot revolves around a woman who is brought into a town where fairytales and magic could be real.
Jessica Grabert 2011-03-03
Big Love Preview: Winter Approaches image
While this trailer gives nothing specific away about the plot for the season premiere, it does seem to hint that dark times may be ahead for Bill Henrickson and his polygamous familyÖ and there may be snow-ball fights too. Thereís definitely an ominous vibe going on nonetheless.
Kelly West 2011-01-04
Amanda Seyfried And Aaron Paul Returning For Big Love Finale image
Both Seyfried and Paul negotiated a break from the theatrical releases they were shooting in order to make it back on set to shoot scenes reuniting them with the Henrickson family
Mack Rawden 2010-12-28
HBO Makes It Five With Big Love Renewal image
Bill may be losing a daughter, but his show is gaining another season. After the fourth season premiere opened 49% higher than the third season, with the current average running 13% higher, HBO has renewed Big Love for a fifth season.
Jason J. Hughes 2010-02-05
60 Questions Going Into Big Love's Finale image
With all due respect to Lost, Philip K. Dickís Why Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? and the new tax code in the United States, HBOís Big Love may be the most complicated, convoluted show ever produced by a major network
Mack Rawden 2009-03-22
Emmy Watch: Rumored Top 10 List Of Best Drama Actors image
While the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences was kind enough to post the top top ten drama and comedy series in consideration for Emmy nominations this year, they havenít been as generous with the other categories. Thanks to some investigative work from The LA Timesí Gold Derby Blog, here is the list for the Top 10 Semifinalists for Best Drama Actor
Kelly West 2008-07-05
Now That The Strike Is Over, When Will My Shows Come Back? (Updated) image
Now, with writers returning to work today, itís time to get down to brass tacks. The staff, crew and actors of our favorite shows are scrambling to get reorganized and figure out how many new episodes, if any we can expect for the rest of the season. Here's your guide to the fates of 40(!) different series.
Kona Gallagher 2008-02-13
Blend Television's Favorite TV Shows Of 2007 image
As itís the end of the year, we at Blend Television took a break from staring gloomily at the somewhat pathetic 2008 midseason lineup and enjoyed a brief look back on some of our favorite shows from the past year. Letís just hope that the strike ends soon so that weíll be able to do a similar list next December.
Kelly West 2007-12-31
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