The Big Bang Theory Creator Wants To Make A Sitcom About Weed image
Chuck Lorre is developing a new sitcom that is sure to make people giggle for more than one reason.
Corey Chichizola 2016-01-16
How Charlie Sheen Feels About The Two And A Half Men Finale Diss image
If you ask Charlie Sheen a question, there’s a damned good chance you won’t just get an answer, but a “Charlie Sheen answer.” And those are forever more fun, even if they’re not exactly kind or always sound of mind. Here's what he said about the Two and a Half Men finale.
Nick Venable 2015-03-10
How The Big Bang Theory Honored Leonard Nimoy image
The days following Leonard Nimoy’s death last week have seen all forms of celebrities offering heartfelt messages and tributes for the Star Trek actor. And there’s no surprise that Chuck Lorre, creator of the Nimoy-loving The Big Bang Theory, paid his own respects through the show.
Nick Venable 2015-03-05
Why Charlie Sheen Didn't Appear In The Two And A Half Men Finale image
Even if you weren’t one of the 13 million souls who tuned in to watch the Two and a Half Men finale, by now you’ve probably heard that Charlie Sheen did not make a grand appearance last night. But after the final episode ended, Lorre revealed exactly why the highly hyped cameo did not come about.
Jessica Rawden 2015-02-20
Will Charlie Sheen Appear On Two And A Half Men Again? image
Charlie Sheen is a good chunk of the way through his Anger Management contract and another 10/90 order is probably not forthcoming. With Anger Management possibly set to end over the next several months, Sheen is busy looking for other opportunities and the actor recently spoke out to say he would love to return to Two And A Half Men during the show’s final season.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-23
The Big Bang Theory Gets Crazy-Huge 3 Season Renewal image
CBS has given a not one, not even two, but a THREE season renewal order for its mind-bogglingly popular series The Big Bang Theory. Three seasons! And I don't know if you know, but: that’s a lot of seasons, you guys. More than most TV shows get in their lifetime, let alone coming off of an already impressive seventh. Chuck Lorre must be one happy man. Bazinga?
Alicia Lutes 2014-03-12
Mom Preview Shows Allison Janney And Anna Faris In A Dysfunctional Mother-Daughter Pairing image
The relationship between a mother and a daughter can be a complicated one, and Chuck Lorre and Eddie Gorodetsky seem to be making comedic use out of that dynamic with Mom, a comedy which has Anna Faris and Allison Janney playing one of the two mother-daughter relationships showcased in this new series, which is fittingly set to air immediately after the female-skewed comedy 2 Broke Girls on Monday nights.
Kelly West 2013-05-15
Chuck Lorre's Mom Pilot Casts Matt Jones And Spencer Daniels  image
Casting seems to be rounding out pretty nicely for Chuck Lorre’s newest pilot, Mom. Breaking Bad’s Matt Jones and Star Trek and The Office wonderboy Spencer Daniels are the latest to join CBS’ new comedy pilot as a dad and a boyfriend, respectively.
Jessica Rawden 2013-02-11
Anna Faris Joins Chuck Lorre's Mom Pilot image
Last month, CBS announced it had bought another “top prospect” comedy from top dog Chuck Lorre, who has produced such hits as The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, and Two and a Half Men over at CBS. Now the comedy pilot, which is currently rolling with the title Mom, has earned a top notch lead actress in Anna Faris.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-04
Two And A Half Men Creator Chuck Lorre Sells Comedy To CBS image
Now in its 10th season, Two and a Half Men is still a ratings juggernaut for CBS, helping the network to win Thursday’s ratings each week. Now, creator Chuck Lorre and some of his merry Two and a Half Men band are putting together a new comedy project for CBS. With the success of Two and Half Men and some of the same big names involved with the half-hour project, it’s no surprise CBS' project is looking like a “top prospect.”
Jessica Rawden 2012-12-11
Two And A Half Men's Chuck Lorre Inks New Deal With Warner Bros. image
Warner Bros. has locked in their comedy guru for another four years. Chuck Lorre has been aligned with the company for 12 years already, producing such hits as Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, and today the man has resigned for another extended period. There’s more than comedy, though, under this new deal.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-09-05
Casey Sander Joins The Big Bang Theory As Bernadette's Daddy image
The hit CBS comedy has nabbed the severe and heavily mustached character actor Casey Sander for a very important guest starring role. With a big wedding between Howard and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) set for the near future, Sander will appear on the hit comedy as Bernadette’s dad, a tough guy and a former cop who intervenes when Howard’s NASA launch is pushed back, landing right in the middle of some important wedding plans.
Jessica Grabert 2012-04-13
Details On Two And A Half Men's Season 9 Premiere: How Will Fans React? image
You may be of the opinion that Two and a Half Men will sink without Charlie Sheen. Or, perhaps you believe the series will improve or at the very least maintain its entertainment value with Sheen out and Kutcher in. Regardless, the show is going on and there are some rumors about the season premiere that appear to be more or less confirmed.
Kelly West 2011-08-02
Chuck Lorre Uses Vanity Card To Bash Drug Addict Monkey image
This newest diatribe may be mildly funny, but it’s time Chuck Lorre moved on. He’s hard at work casting an actor to fill Sheen’s shoes, and he should be focused on preventing the likely ratings implosion that may happen without his lead
Mack Rawden 2011-04-30
Two And A Half Men Moving Forward Without Charlie Sheen image
Lorre is looking to implement a permanent new character right off the bat. There's no word on who that might be, but if they're smart, they will go with someone decidedly un-Sheen-like
Mack Rawden 2011-04-28
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