Alec Baldwin Leaks Word That Justin Bieber Will Host SNL: Is It True?

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Alec Baldwin Leaks Word That Justin Bieber Will Host SNL: Is It True? image
Although itís not yet confirmed by NBC, Alec Baldwin let slip today during a podcast interview with SNL producer Lorne Michaels that Justin Bieber is on deck to host in the coming months. Bieber, who has little in the way of acting experience and, some would say, little in the way of any actual talent at all, would be both host and musical guest.

Deadline reported Baldwinís slip, which took place during his podcast Hereís the Thing today. In a discussion of the seasonís hosts, stated ď I don't want to ruin any other names, [but] Bieber's confirmed, he's the music and the [host].Ē Alec, if you donít want to ruin it, then may I suggest you donít say it during your podcast?

Itís not officially announced of course, but Michaels confirmed it during the podcast, so itís probably safe to say that weíll be seeing the pop singer on the SNL stage again soon. Heís already appeared as musical guest in 2010 and made a guest appearance last February, but stepping up to the role of host is a big leap for Bieber. Heís right behind another young singer Ė Katy Perry pulled double duty as host and musical guest back in December.

Bieber is one of those teen idols that music snobs love to dump on, but I have to say it doesnít look like he is going away anytime soon. After a guest spot on CSI a while back and this third SNL appearance, this time front and center, we might have to prepare to see him show up on our TV screens more frequently. Hopefully minus that awful hairstyle.
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