Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito Is Headed To Community For A Guest Spot

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito Is Headed To Community For A Guest Spot image
While Giancarlo Espositoís list of credits is already fairly extensive, playing a badass in one of the best and most badass series on television certainly doesnít hurt in getting peopleís attention. So itís not all that surprising to see Esposito grab one role after another following his stint on AMCís Breaking Bad.

Following his recurring role as the scary, occasional ally but more-often opposition to Bryan Cranstonís Walter White on Breaking Bad, Esposito has appeared in numerous episodes of ABCís new drama Once Upon a Time. Heís also set to appear in Rob Cohenís film Alex Cross, and IMDB currently has him listed to star in a thriller called Adele. But before that, it looks like weíll be seeing him at the best community college on television. Iím, of course, referring to Greendale Community, of NBCís excellent, and unfortunately currently-hiatusíed Community.

Minor Community spoilers ahead!

According to Vulture, Esposito is set to appear in an upcoming episode of Community, playing a business associate of Cornelius Hawthorne (Pierceís late father). Vulture doesnít have any more details beyond that, but the site speculates that the characterís associations with Pierceís father may hint that heís not exactly the nicest guy. Assuming thatís the case, and his character proves to be the cranky type (or perhaps the scary-quiet type), it certainly wonít be new territory for Esposito. Will he be facing off against Pierce?
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