Downton Abbey: 5 Big Stories That Need To Be Resolved In Season 4

By Jessica Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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Downton Abbey spent much of its second episode preparing for a house party that involved a weekend of tea, dancing and more. During the big party, a famous opera singer later unleashed her charms for members of genteel society and much of the staff, while belowstairs a servant got up to dire behavior indeed. While the lengthy, two-hour opener for Downton Abbey introduced us to a world post-Matthew, episode 2 opened up a can of worms in terms of new plots and brand new directions. It was a tough episode to get through and it means that Season 4 has quite a bit to resolve in the coming weeks. Hereís the top 5 things we think need to come to a head, and soon.

If you havenít caught last nightís episode, there are some spoilers in the coming paragraphs. Donít say I didnít warn you.

Youíre A Mean One, Mr. Green
In one of the most harrowing stories Downton Abbey has ever tackled, beloved ladies maid Anna was ravaged by a visiting servant who showed up as part of Lord Gillinghamís entourage. The series tackled the rape in a delicate manner, showing the fear and the violence of the interaction while leaving the actual act to be accomplished behind closed doors. Anna seemed frightened and wild-eyed after the attack, and obviously the emotional trauma of a rape will need to be explored in the coming weeks.

The obvious questions relate to Mr. Green. Will Anna keep his secret? Will Bates eventually deduce what occurred? And where does Mrs. Hughes fit in? Most importantly, I think we all would like to see how Anna fares in the coming weeks. She seems determined to keep her misfortunes a secret, but a secret like that should be a heavy burden to bear. It could very well cause problems with her capacity to work or even with good Mr. Bates. Unfortunately, since Mary has made a friend in Lord Gillingham, it seems likely that we havenít seen the last of Mr. Green, either.
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