Ernie Hudson In Talks For Role In Frank Darabont's TNT Drama Lost Angeles

By Nick Venable 3 years ago discussion comments
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Ernie Hudson In Talks For Role In Frank Darabont's TNT Drama Lost Angeles image
Who you gonna call? Well it depends. If youíre looking to find someone to bust ghouls and ghosts, youíll have to wait until Ghostbusters 3 exists as something beyond just one of Dan Aykroydís paranormal fever dreams. But if youíre looking to talk to a mob heavy, I think I might know a guy, but donít mention the name Zeddemore.

Deadline reports Ernie Hudson is in negotiations to take on a recurring role in Frank Darabontís upcoming TNT series Lost Angeles, formerly known as L.A. Noir. Other than Ghostbusters, Hudson is perhaps best known for his role as Warden Leo Glynn on HBOís Oz, but heís playing someone on the opposite side of the law this go around.

Itís L.A. in the late Ď40s and early Ď50s, see? And Hudson is part of the criminal element, see? He owns most of the clubs and other lawless establishments down Central Avenue. He might just happen to work for Bugsy Siegel. His name is Bunny, but if anybody asks, you didnít hear it from us.

While Gangster Squad is the first thought on everyoneís minds once this project is brought up, given the subject matter, that filmís story arcs were poorly thought out, and Darabont has much more to offer, hopefully. The series features the ongoing battle between the LAPD and the West Coast mob.

The series is set to debut in late 2013, but if you want to catch Hudson in something before then, heíll be in George C. Wolfeís drama Youíre Not You later this year.
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