Hannibal Buress And Rob Sheridan Sell Cop Comedy To ABC

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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Hannibal Buress And Rob Sheridan Sell Cop Comedy To ABC image
ABC really seems to be hoping to find room in its schedule for a half-hour cop comedy next season. Most recently, the network bought a project that will be written by 18 to Lifeís Rob Sheridan and comedian Hannibal Buress. If it moves forward in the pickup process, Buress will also be set to star, while Sheridan and Buressí manager, Davy Becky, will executive produce.

Itís no surprise the as-yet untitled endeavor will star Buress, as the project is based on some stand-up the comedian has put together in the past. The project will follow the former Saturday Night Live writer as a small-town police officer. Thereís not a lot of extra information on the pilot thus far, but Deadline is reporting the comedy project will be set up as a half-hour endeavor. It joins the recently pushed Will Gluck project, Rookie, on the list of cop comedy potentials at the network, although the two are very different, as Gluck's comedy stars a female rookie cop, and Buress and Sheridan's will follow a male local cop.

Both Sheridan and Buress have been working fervently to get a comedy project to series over the last year or so. Last pilot season Buress had a project with Jonah Hill that didnít end up going anywhere. Additionally, Deadline has noted Sheridan had two comedy projects at ABC, last year. Overall, the two men seem hungry to jump into the TV business, and while they do have competition, hereís hoping that this comedy will work out for them.
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