IFC Adopts Comic Chris Gethard, Orders A Pilot Script Based On His Book

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IFC Adopts Comic Chris Gethard, Orders A Pilot Script Based On His Book image
IFCís new Adopt-a-Comic program is off and running and the lucky adoptee is comedian Chris Gethard. Along with his new position in the IFC family photo, Gethard will be featured all over the place including taking on some hosting duties. IFC has also ordered a pilot script to be based on Gethardís book A Bad Thing Iím About To Do: True Tales of Seriously Poor Judgment and Stunningly Awkward Adventure.

The book chronicles Gethardís youth as a nerd who apparently had very bad judgment. Iím guessing IFC will come up with a somewhat shorter title for the show, if it makes it to series. The adoption of Gethard is part of IFCís move to support the art of comedy, and 2012 is the first year of what will be an annual tradition. Of course, I canít imagine that every adopted comic will get their own show, or things could get a little bloated over at IFC. 32-year old Gethardís ďadoptionĒ seems to have left his parents a little confused. He told THR ďThey donít get how much of an opportunity it is for me that a hip cable network wants to raise me like a human baby.Ē

Speaking of babies, you can get a lovely look at some seriously awkward baby photos over on the IFC site . IFC will further promote Chris Gethard by airing his cable access show, The Chris Gethard Show and his stand-up performances as well. Letís hope this guy has plenty of material, or IFC viewers might be ready to send him back to the comic orphanage by the end of the year.
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