New Orphan Black Trailer Promises Torture

By Jessica Rawden 2014-04-04 08:55:14 discussion comments
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BBC Americaís breakout hit Orphan Black is extremely close to hitting the spring TV schedule, and the cable network has done a great job of inspiring as much anticipation as possible out of fans, thanks to a marketing campaign featuring a slew of video content and interesting poster art. The latest teaser dropped today, and it hints at an action-packed season to come.

However, first it employs a flashy tactic to introduce us to multiple clone heroines, juxtaposing photographs of clones like Sarah, Cosima and Alison with examples of the awesome critical reception Orphan Black received during Season 1. Then, the real fun starts, with Alison freaking out about her status as a clone and noting, ďWeíre someoneís experiment and theyíre killing us off!Ē Yes, Alison, itís a hard row to hoe being a clone.

The clones are all still on the quest to determine who is the original, and in the meantime things donít look great for the group. Thereís plenty of violence and even some creepy syringes in the video, and it looks like the plight of the clones will only get rougher once Season 2 hits the schedule. Especially because pro-clone Rachel has a plan to rend the unified clones apart by using Cosima against Sarah. The trailerís pretty awesome and a little artsy and itís even better because itís set to a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song.

Weíve known from these snippets for a while that we wouldnít be able to simply ease into Season 2. The action will start immediately, and itís going to be intense. I really enjoy the way Sarah has gone from a sullen character to a pretty huge leader and badass, and she gets plenty of physical action in the trailer, above. (I also certainly donít envy the work actress Tatiana Maslany must put in to play a half-dozen or more characters on the show.) Additionally, if youíve been keeping tabs on the series, youíll also know that BBC America leaked the title of the first episode. Episode 1 will be called ďNature Under Constraint and Vexed,Ē from a scientific writing by none other than Sir Francis Bacon.

Despite all of the video content, Orphan Blackís second season is still a pretty big question mark, and I canít wait to tune in and see how the cloning trials and stuff with Neolution plays out. Luckily, we donít have long to wait to find out. Orphan Black will hit BBC Americaís schedule on April 19 at 9 p.m. ET.
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