Clickbait: 10 Other Shows To Watch If You Liked The Netflix Drama

Nick in the viral video on _Clickbait._

Joe Goldberg in the Netflix series, You.

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Recently, a Netflix miniseries has become one of the most popular shows to binge on the platform, and that is Clickbait, the drama series that looks at what happens when impulses are fueled by social media, and how dangerous lives can become because of it.

Clickbait is a miniseries - although there are ideas for how a Season 2 could happen - but this will likely be the last time we see these characters we’ve binged so quickly. However, there are plenty of other series to watch if you’re craving shows like Clickbait.

Adele in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix.

Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)

In this psychological thriller, Behind Her Eyes follows the story a single mother, named Louise, when her world changes as she begins an affair with her new boss, but ends up forming a friendship with his wife. This family has secrets - almost too many to count, and ones that are highly dangerous.

For fans of Clickbait, this show is perfect for you. Everything seemingly starts out like a normal love triangle, but soon, revelations are made, the truth comes out, and all of a sudden, this is an entirely different story. It’s full of strange moments, intensely dark scenes, and so much more that anyone will enjoy. If you’re into stories with twists, this is it.

Stream Behind Her Eyes on Netflix.

Some of the clones of Orphan Black.

Orphan Black (AMC+)

The science fiction thriller, Orphan Black, takes place in a world where there are several genetically identical human clones, focusing in on one particulate woman, Sarah Manning, who assumes the identity of one of her fellow clones, Elizabeth Childs, after she commits suicide.

I think for fans of Clickbait, this is definitely a change of pace. While Clickbait was based in reality with the implications of social media, Orphan Black is an entirely different world. However, what Orphan Black does best is its social commentary about the morals and ethical complications of human cloning, showing the downsides of what could happen, and the drama that could ensue, something that Clickbait does very well with its topic of social media.

Stream Orphan Black on AMC+ through Amazon Prime.

Bryce Dallas Howard in her episode of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

If you want a series that will really make you go, “Huh?”, then Black Mirror is for you. This Netflix original series is an anthology that takes the viewers into near-future dystopias, showing different outcomes and different worlds, and the consequences of certain pieces of future technology.

For fans of Clickbait, Black Mirror has so many awesome moments in its episodes. Each story is very different, creating these crazy-intense worlds that comment on technology and social issues. One of my favorite episodes, that I believe Clickbait viewers will enjoy, is “Nosedive,” starring Bryce Dallas Howard, an episode that fully focuses on the effects social media on society and on individuals in general. Such a fantastic show - now if we could only get another series of it.

Stream Black Mirror on Netflix.

The character, Alex Guzman, in Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara? (Netflix)

In this international Netflix show, Who Killed Sara? focuses on exactly what the title says. Alex Guzman, who spent 18 years in prison after wrongly being accused of killing his sister, makes it his mission to figure out who killed her and get revenge on them for ruining his family.

What I love about Who Killed Sara? is the mystery behind all of this. I’ve always been down for a good murder mystery and this spares nothing in trying to provide a truly engrossing experience as you watch, something that I think Clickbait viewers would enjoy, as well. If you loved the thriller aspect of trying to figure out who it was behind the video in that series, then Who Killed Sara? is definitely for you.

Stream Who Killed Sara? on Netflix.

James Spader as Red in The Blacklist.

The Blacklist (Peacock)

The Blacklist, the popular NBC crime thriller, follows Raymond Reddington, otherwise known as Red. He is a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal, who voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after avoiding capture for many years. When he does, he tells them that he has a list of the most dangerous criminals in the world and is willing to work with the FBI for immunity from prosecution.

The Blacklist is such a fun show. For Clickbait fans, you’ll get a kick out of the crime aspect of this, with plenty of enjoyable kick-ass moments, starring the amazing James Spader as Red. But, what really makes The Blacklist stand out from the rest is how deep these stories go of each of these criminals - they really add on so much, and make not only the hunt for them enjoyable, but the inevitable capture rewarding to viewers who have had to sit back and watch. With The Blacklist Season 9 coming out soon, now's the perfect time to binge.

Stream The Blacklist on Peacock.

Matthew McConaughey in True Detective Season 1.

True Detective (HBO Max)

True Detective is an HBO anthology crime drama that follows a set narrative through each season with different casts and in new settings, looking into new crimes that are causing serious issues across the United States, from serial killers to missing children.

True Detective is one of those anthologies that I love rewatching, because the stories never get old. For fans of Clickbait, you’ll really enjoy the mystery behind each of these crimes, and since the stories are contained to one season, they really waste no time getting into the nitty gritty of each crime. What really makes True Detective stand out, however, is the all-star cast that they get every season. With main stars like Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Mahershala Ali - there are so many amazing actors and actresses that sign on for this show that they themselves will keep you watching.

Stream True Detective on HBO Max.

Lior Raz in Hit & Run on Netflix.

Hit & Run (Netflix)

In this Netflix original series, Hit & Run is about a man searching for the truth behind his wife’s sudden death, who ends up becoming caught in a web of secrets that stretches all across the world, pushing him into a deadly situation.

Hit & Run is the perfect series for someone who wants to get into murder mysteries but wants it to be more than just the solving of a murder, sort of like how Clickbait focused in a lot more on social commentary mixed in with the mystery of Nick. While it starts out as a normal thriller where a man is trying to find justice for his wife, he starts to learn many secrets about her, ones that turn the tables drastically. Without giving much away, there’s only one season of this awesome show, and you should watch it if you haven’t already.

Stream Hit & Run on Netflix.

Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder.

How To Get Away With Murder (Netflix)

In this popular legal thriller, How To Get Away With Murder tells the story of law students at a prestigious university and their talented professor, where all of them are swept up into an ongoing murder plot.

First off, Viola Davis, who stars as law professor Annalise Keating, is absolutely perfect in her role. She deserved all the awards she received for it. Secondly, for fans of Clickbait, if you thought that show was dramatic, wait until you watch How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda Rhimes, producer of the show and famed creator of Grey’s Anatomy, basically took the word “drama” and cranked it up to 1000% for this show, because it truly never slows down, not even from the first episode. Trust me, if you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and watch now.

Stream How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix.

Penn Badgley in the Netflix series, You.

You (Netflix)

Based on the book series, You is a psychological thriller that centers on Joe Goldberg, a seemingly normal guy who falls in love too quick - and will do anything to get the girl and keep her as his, including murder.

You is, hands-down, one of my favorite thrillers from Netflix, and fans of Clickbait should love the story. You mainly follow Joe throughout the series, and you wonder if the girl he is with is ever going to find out what he does, and there’s so much suspense that you’ll have to keep watching. Penn Badgley, known for his big role in the Gossip Girl cast and several other roles, is awesome as the series’ star, and rest of the cast is fantastic as well. Season 2 was even better than Season 1 in my opinion, and with You Season 3 releasing on October 15, there's no better time than now to watch.

Stream You on Netflix.

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown.

Mare of Easttown (HBO Max)

The HBO original, Mare of Easttown, takes place in a suburb of Philadelphia, where police detective Mare Sheehan investigates a recent murder of a teenage mother, while trying to keep her own life from falling to pieces.

Starring the impeccable Kate Winslet, Mare of Easttown is a great crime drama and deserves all the praise it has gotten. The Mare of Easttown cast is brilliant, with so many talented actors and actresses, and the story is engrossing and will pull you in like no other. While it’s not as quick-paced as Clickbait, in my opinion, I feel that fans of the series will enjoy this mystery just as much as any other.

Stream Mare of Easttown on HBO Max.

While you could spend a lot of your time watching the best shows on Netflix every day, why not check out some other crime dramas that will make you feel like you're actually a detective? Now, if you don’t mind me, I have to go binge You again before Season 3 comes out.

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