Whether you needed a good laugh, a good cry, a good scare or a good reminder that your relationships will probably never be as hectic as Hannah and Adam’s, then 2014 TV was here to deliver it for you. (For anyone wanting to see just how far network comedies have fallen, it was a good year for that, too.) This month, the awesome CinemaBlend staff is putting together the lists of the shows we feel have really stood out from the pack in 2014. Everyone’s list is different, so if you don’t see you favorites here, be sure to check back in and take a look at our other TV best of lists that will be hitting the homepage over the next few weeks.

Without further ado, here is Nick’s list of the best shows of 2014. You can also check out Jessica's picks when you’re done.

10. The Missing
Truth be told, I feel like a dick for kicking off a Best Of list with a series that hasn’t even come to completion yet – the final episode airs tonight in the U.K. – but Starz’s mystery drama The Missing is currently enrapturing me as much as anything else did in 2014. Recent years have seen more shows using “missing and/or dead children” as the catalyst, so choosing these series wisely helps to avoid unwanted emotional drainage. James Nesbitt is superb as the emotionally unpredictable father Tony Hughes, who returns to his obsessive optimism that his son Oliver is still alive, several years after the boy first went missing while the family was on vacation. Created by Harry and Jack Williams, the series draws compelling drama out of Tony’s relationship with ex-wife Emily (Frances O’Connor) and the retired-but-invigorated French detective Julien Baptiste. Never revealing all the facts at once, The Missing is solid drama any way you look at it.

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