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The Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer Is Chilling

We finally have a clone-filled trailer for Season 3 of Orphan Black! Check it out below!

I’m going to get a bit spoiler-y here regarding last season, so if you aren’t caught up on Orphan Black, consider yourself warned!

It would seem we still have a ways to go before we hit the April 18 Season 3 premiere, but after the noticeably clone-lacking, premiere date-absent Season 3 teaser trailer, this trailer is practically stuffed with some spine-tingly awesomeness. Seriously, if you didn't get chills down your spine when Sarah said, "this is war," you clearly weren't paying attention. Some other great stuff in the trailer? We got a glimpse at Helena (doesn’t look like things are going too hot for her), we got to see a bit of the male clones from Project Castor, and we also got to see Marian’s young clone-daughter as well.

I have so many questions. The theme of the entire trailer seems to be war, as well as the clones coming together to fight back against those who created them. Of course, a big question I have is what side the Project Castor clones are on. Last season we spent the largest amount of time with Mark, the ex-Prolethean. Mark seems to be fairly stable, and a nice enough guy. However, we also saw the giant ranks of the militarized Castor clones, and that one crazy clone that Marian was keeping locked up in a Dyad prison cell (though I prefer to call him Crazy Eyes Castor Clone, his name is Rudy). Are the Project Castor clones (who, at this point, seem to have much greater numbers than our girls in the Clone Club) going to be on the side of the Project Leda clones, or are they going to be the bad guys this season?

Also, is Rudy a good guy or a bad guy? Marian has him locked up, but we don’t know if we can trust Marian yet. Is he being locked up because he’s nuts and dangerous, or is he just a Dyad captive? Crazy or not, if Helena has taught us anything, being a total nutter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad guy in the story. You might be horribly unhinged, you might eat too much sugar, and you might have a habit of horrifically murdering those who hurt you, but you aren’t necessarily a bad guy.

I’ll be interested to see Rudy, Mark, and the other Castor clones’ place in the story, especially in light of this tense picture released by BBC America:

Orphan Black Season 3

It looks like Sarah and Rudy are going to have some sort of a face-to-face showdown. I cannot wait to see what Sarah and Rudy have to say to each other. This show is arguably one of the best shows on television, and last season brought us a ton of bombshells like Mrs. S working with Paul, Marian’s young girl clone, and Mark and Gracie with the Proletheans, but I think the introduction of the guy clones was truly a game-changer. The introduction of an entirely new group of clones is going to shake the show to its core, in the best way possible.

For now, we'll have to wait for the season premiere to get our questions answered. Be sure to tune into Orphan Black on BBC America to see what unfolds when Season 3 premiers on April 18.