Q'Viva! The Chosen Finally Gets The Show On The Road

By Jessica Grabert 5 years ago discussion comments
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Q'Viva! The Chosen Finally Gets The Show On The Road image
Itís been several months since J-Lo and Marc Antony split. J-Loís off hanging out with Bradley Cooper, and Antony has sort of fallen off the radar. Despite avid Facebook advertising and reassurances the couple was still working together to produce the Latin American talent competition series, it felt like the project QíViva! The Chosen was never going to happen.

We last heard about °QíViva! The Chosen back in July, when °QíViva! was slated to air in 21 countries and multiple languages. Despite the couple ending their relationship, THR is reporting QíViva! is finally getting underway.

Many of the details havenít changed. Simon Fullerís XIX Entertainment is still backing the show and Antony, Lopez, and Jamie King are still headlining. The series will be shot from this October through January 2012. During this time, Lopez and Antony will travel through Latin America looking for singers, musicians, dancers, and other performers who could be the next big thing.

In the U.S. the network Univision won the bid to air QíViva!. Elsewhere, Televisa and Caracol TV also obtained bids. If you are interested in watching the program in English, youíll have a bit longer to wait for details. The English-language partner has yet to be announced. Since the series isnít set to begin airing until 2012, the wait doesnít really matter. Itís just one more detail hindering an already slow-to-get-going program.
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