SNL's Jenny Slate To Guest Star On Parks And Recreation As Someone's Twin Sister

By Kelly West 3 years ago discussion comments
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SNL's Jenny Slate To Guest Star On Parks And Recreation As Someone's Twin Sister image
Following her brief stint as a featured player on Saturday Night Live during the 2009-2010 season, Jenny Slate has moved on to do a number of TV appearances, including a recurring role on Bored to Death and appearances in other network and cable TV shows. Now it looks like we'll be seeing her on Parks and Recreation.

If you've been keeping up with NBC's Parks and Rec this season, you know that Tom has been trying to get his "Rent-A-Swag" business up and running. According to EW, this will eventually involve him enlisting the help of Jean-Ralphio's twin sister Mona Lisa, who will be played by Slate. Tom hires Mona Lisa to work as a salesperson, and - unsurprisingly, when taking her brother into account - she turns out not to be the best worker. As I'm eager to see how Tom's business works out for him and whether there really are enough parents looking to rent fancy clothes for their kids for Rent-A-Swag to be successful, this bit of casting news suggests some interesting (and potentially funny) conflict.

As mentioned, Slate's post-SNL credits include Bored to Death, as well as appearances in Raising Hope, the first season of Girls and a voice role in Bob's Burgers. She's also credited for a role in Rebel Wilson's pilot-in-development Super Fun Night, so we may be seeing even more of Slate on television, should things work out for that comedy project. In the meantime, we'll see her in at least one episode of Parks and Recreation, presumably later this season.
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