Socio Pilot Adds Kathy Najimy, Grey Damon And Sam Robards

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Socio Pilot Adds Kathy Najimy, Grey Damon And Sam Robards image
ABC Familyís Socio pilot has a few last-minute additions to the roster. Production started on the hour-long drama this week, and a few guest stars have been brought in to join Denise Richards and Avan Jogia. Kathy Najimy, Grey Damon, and Sam Robards will all appear in the pilot, which will follow a young man with murder in his past returning to his home town.

Najimy, who starred in Make it or Break It and may be best known for voicing Peggy Hill on King of the Hill, will play a quirky psychology teacher by the name of Mrs. Fisk. THR reports Friday Night Lights star Grey Damon is on board as Archie, another young man in town who isnít too pleased when the recently returned Danny (Jogia) picks up his former friendship with Archieís girlfriend Lacey (played by Kylie Bunbury). Sam Robard of Treme will be playing the town Sheriff and father of one of Dannyís other old friends, Jo (Maddie Hasson).

Danny, Socioís main character, went away for five years for the murder of his aunt at 11 years old, a crime he admits to but wonít talk about. Not surprisingly, his return raises plenty of eyebrows and heís not welcomed back by all, and the murder of another student in town puts the spotlight of suspicion squarely on the juvenile killer. Denis Richards is taking on the role of Dannyís mother, a woman who is struggling with her sonís return and the loss of her social position that his actions caused. With production now underway, these additions will likely complete the casting for this pilot.
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