The Sons Of Anarchy Celebrate Season 3 On DVD With Fire And Bullets

By David Wharton 5 years ago discussion comments
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The Sons Of Anarchy Celebrate Season 3 On DVD With Fire And Bullets image
FXs biker drama Sons of Anarchy is returning to the airwaves for season four next week, but if you aren't caught up, youve still got time for a last-minute cram session. And as luck would have it, Sons of Anarchy: Season Three came out on Blu-ray and DVD this very day.

As I mentioned during the write-up of the season-four trailer, last years episodes were an uneven affair, but they rallied at the end. I also have a hunch that the season might benefit enormously from being watched back-to-back quickly, rather than spread out over 13 weeks. So, what can you expect from SAMCRO if you pick up season? Kidnappings, Irish people, familial angst, secrets revealed, and a whole lot of this:

Its like my daddy always said: you cant go wrong with gunfire. (This may have been the fictionalized version of my father who speaks in macho soundbites and wasnt a physics professor.)

The set also continues the Sons of Anarchy DVD tradition by packing in quite a few bonus features. Youll get a ton of commentary from creator Kurt Sutter and cast members, extended and deleted scenes, a writers roundtable, a gag reel, and several featurettes.

Sons of Anarchy returns to FX next Tuesday, September 6th.

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