TLC Orders 3 Say Yes To The Dress Spinoffs And 2 Christmas Shows

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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TLC Orders 3 Say Yes To The Dress Spinoffs And 2 Christmas Shows image
Warning: if you're within one hundred yards of TLC headquarters, be advised the network has just ordered a deluge of new estrogen-based programs. I'd recommend covering your eyes and ears, but honestly, you're probably not gonna want to miss out on most of these girly tidal waves. First up, we have Extreme Christmas Trees, arguably, my favorite show title since Bait Car. It'll search for the craziest holiday spruces in America. That one's not to be confused with the third season of Invasion Of The Christmas Lights which will take place in Europe and also celebrate festive decorations. Hooray for Santa Clause and that Jesus guy.

Beyond Christmas cheer, TLC has also set in motion of slew of other spinoffs and new offerings glorifying the wedding. Their mega-hit Say Yes To The Dress will get three offshoots, two of which will feature the ever popular Randy Fenoli and one that will focus on bridesmaids. Former Reno 911 star Niecy Nash will also get in on the matrimony party with a reality show chronicling her upcoming wedding, and gypsys will get their shot at glory in Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, TLC has also given the greenlight to a reality show called Spouse Vs House and an original movie called Who Killed Chandra Levy?. Ingmar Guandique, in case you were wondering.

TLC may not exactly be stretching its comfort zone with these new shows, but after posting solid numbers last quarter, it's hard to argue with pitching more of the same.
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