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Why Jessica Jones Season 2 Is Groundbreaking For Women In Hollywood
Critics of the MCU's lack of diversity will be pleased with a new announcement regarding Jessica Jones' second season.
Marvel Is Finally Releasing Its Netflix Shows On Blu-ray, Get The Details
In the U.S., Marvel's shows have only been available on Netflix, but now that finally looks to be changing. Get the details.
Will Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cross Over With Marvel's Netflix Shows? Here's What Jeph Loeb Says
Fans are now used to seeing the interconnectivity between Netflix's Marvel shows, and now the question is when this side of the universe will connect with that of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jeph Loeb has an answer.
Looks Like The Punisher Just Added A Major Daredevil Actor
The highlight of Daredevil Season 2 had to be John Bernthal as the Punisher, so it didn't come as a huge surprise that he'd be getting his own series. Now, we know of a Daredevil star who will be joining him.
When Iron Fist Is Going To Premiere On Netflix
In the wake of Luke Cage's success, Netflix has officially announced when it will release the next Marvel series, Iron Fist.
Will The Punisher Appear In More Netflix Shows Than We Thought?
It was a pleasant surprise when Netflix revealed that Jon Bernthal's Punisher would be receiving his very own spinoff. But now the question is: will he appear in other series in the universe?
Will Kingpin Return To Netflix's Marvel TV Shows? Here's What Vincent D'Onofrio Says
Netflix's Daredevil has a ton of things going for it, and one of the biggest positives has been Vincent D'Onofrio's nuanced take on Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk. Will he return to Marvel's TV universe?
Upcoming Marvel TV Shows: The Full List Of What's Ahead
It's hard to keep track of all the Marvel TV projects out there, which is why we've put together a list of all the projects that are coming in the future, whether it's a few weeks from now or years away.
The Punisher May Have Cast Its First Villain
While the details for The Punisher have been pretty skimpy on what fans can expect - the show may not be going into production for a while, after all - it looks like we know who will be playing the series' big bad
Has Daredevil Ever Killed Anyone? Here's What Charlie Cox Says
Charlie Cox has revealed whether or not he thinks Matt Murdock has killed anyone as Daredevil. Get the details!
Which Defenders Character Daredevil's Charlie Cox Is Most Excited To Work With
Charlie Cox, who plays Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the MCU, recently revealed which character he's excited to team up with in The Defenders.
2016 Netflix Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
Netflix doesn't always announce release dates well in advance, but we do know that the subscription streaming company has a few original series, movies and first-run non-US programs hitting the service in the next year.
One Of The Most Challenging Things About Playing Daredevil, According To Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox faced a lot of new challenges when he tackled the role of Matt Murdock for Netflix's Daredevil, and it turns out that one of those challenges still persists.
How The Defenders Will Affect Daredevil Season 3, According To Charlie Cox
When Matt Murdock decided he was going to try and take on the entirety of the criminal element in Hell's Kitchen, he probably underestimated just how big of a task that was going to be. And The Defenders will play a big part in the future of his efforts.
The Weird Way Marvel Keeps Rosario Dawson From Leaking Netflix Spoilers
Rosario Dawson has become a staple of the Marvel universe on Netflix as she appears on multiple shows within the same universe. Marvel has found the perfect way to keep her from leaking details ahead of time.
How Netflix May Be Expanding Its Marvel Universe
Marvel has been building a small empire of series on Netflix over the past few years, and it's only getting bigger. Now, we have an idea of how the Marvel universe on Netflix may expand in the future.
The Defenders: What We Know So Far
There's still some time before The Defenders premieres on Netflix, various tidbits have come out that begin to paint a picture of what fans can expect. Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming Defenders miniseries so far.
Could ABC's Marvel Universe Ever Be Like Netflix's? Here's What We Know
As someone about Marvel's Netflix shows, and you'll get answers about the adult themes, the fights and the crossover moments. The same can't be said for ABC's Marvel output, however, but could that change up in the future?
5 Ways Marvel's TV Characters Could Appear In The Movies
We've compiled a list of five ways in which Marvel could bring popular television characters over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's silver screen properties.
The Order Marvel's Netflix Shows Are Going To Be Released In
Over the last several months, Netflix has announced a ton of new Marvel projects that are on the way. That includes new seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, plus more.
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