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Will The Punisher Still Premiere On Netflix In 2017?

Details about The Punisher are few and far between, but now we have an idea of when the series may hit our TV's and smart devices.

How The Defenders Is Like The Hangover, According To Mike Colter

You wouldn't think to compare Marvel's The Defenders to the R-rated drinking comedyThe Hangover, but apparently, the two are more alike than we all realized. Here's why Mike Colter thinks they're similar.

How The Defenders Villain Ties Into All Of Marvel's Netflix Shows, According To Mike Colter

We're about three months out from The Defenders debut on Netflix, and we still know little to nothing about Sigourney Weaver's villain and how she ties into all this. Now, thanks to Luke Cage star Mike Colter, we may have a little more knowledge than we once previously thought

The Defenders First Trailer Finally Shows All Four Heroes Fighting Together

The Defenders will soon come together to save New York, one ass-kicking at time, and you can watch the very first trailer now.

The Weird Scene Jon Bernthal Acted Out For His Punisher Audition

The Punisher is a tough and violent broken man searching for answers. While Jon Bernthal has already proved to audiences he's more than a good fit for the character, he convinced Marvel in a radically weird and different way.

Daredevil Season 3: What We Know So Far

While it could be a while until Daredevil returns for another round of adventures for the Man Without Fear, there's still plenty we can deduce about where it might pick up following the events of Season 2. Here's everything we know so far about Season 3.

New Defenders Images Show Daredevil In An Unexpected Place

Fans have been with Daredevil for two seasons now, but the character will enter new territory in the upcoming The Defenders. Check out this unusual setting The Defenders is putting Daredevil in.

8 Most Annoying Characters On Otherwise Great TV Shows

Even the best shows on TV have to suffer through some genuinely terrible characters. Here are some of the worst offenders.

What's Up With Daredevil's Costume In This New Defenders Video?

A new clip from The Defenders was just released, and it features Daredevil wearing an unlikely costume choice.

The Major Iron Fist Character That Probably Won't Show Up On The Netflix Shows

While fans are eager to see Danny Rand kick ass and inevitably interact with Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple, Iron Fist will have to make a few creative changes to the source material. And now we know of one major character who definitely won't be showing up.

Why People Actually Join Netflix, According To Netflix

Netflix has made a huge push to create more original content in recent years, and the streaming service has subsequently been known for its large library of original shows, movies and comedy specials.

Best Netflix TV Shows, Ranked

I could spend a while talking about all the ways in which Netflix is a powerhouse of entertainment, so here's a list of the best original series that Netflix has to offer.

Why Marvel's Netflix Shows Are Going To Look Even Better In The Future

Marvel's Netflix series are about to look better than ever. Check out why shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones are going to be more pleasing to the eyes than everything else on the service.

Why Jon Bernthal Decided To Play The Punisher In The MCU

It turns out that the Walking Dead alumnus wasn't too keen on the superhero genre, and had to be convinced to take the role of Frank Castle in Daredevil.

Luke Cage Season 2: What We Know So Far

Luke Cage Season 2 is admittedly one of many balls that Marvel Studios is currently juggling, but like many of you, we're hungry for details.

The Best Superhero Moments On TV In 2016

We've seen vigilantes fight intense street wars, powerful sorcerers use magic for nefarious purposes, and even super powered aliens that have to deal with the stress of everyday life. From Arrow, to Daredevil, to Luke Cage and Supergirl, there seems to be a superhero for every tonal preference.

Watch Netflix's Daredevil And More Use Awesome Fight Scenes To Get In The Christmas Spirit

It wouldn't occur to most people for brutal fight scenes to be a reminder of the holiday season, but, leave it to the folks at Netflix to use their Marvel heroes in the midst of a whole host of fights to celebrate Christmas. Take a look.

Will Kingpin Be In The Defenders? Here’s What Vincent D’Onofrio Says

The four Marvel shows will cumulate with the Defenders miniseries, leading many to wonder which characters would be reprising their roles for the team-up series. Chief among these characters is Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk aka the villainous Kingpin.

Netflix Rumored To Be In Lawsuit Over Daredevil, Here's What Happened

Rumors are swirling around the Internet that Netflix is seeking legal action against an alleged Daredevil rip-off, but there seems to be more to the story than that.

The 10 Best TV Characters Marvel Introduced In 2016, Ranked

To celebrate all that Marvel accomplished on the small screen in 2016, we've gathered the 10 best new characters that were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on TV.

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