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ESPN Came Back From A Commercial And Bill Walton Was Ranting About Weed
Bill Walton is mainly known for two things: basketball and broadcasting. And we can throw "marijuana activist" onto the list, as seen during coverage of the NCAA National Championship.
ESPN Is Having Huge Success In Streaming, Here's What We Know
Streaming services are all the rage for networks nowadays. According to new numbers, ESPN is doing quite well for itself in the streaming game.
ESPN May Be In More Trouble Than We Thought
Live sports may be king when it comes to TV ratings, but it has become increasingly obvious that things aren't going that well for ESPN, and it's worse that we thought.
Hulu's New Streaming Service Just Added A Bunch Of Channels
Streaming video services have changed the way many of us watch television. In the past, most companies have only offered shows that have already aired. Hulu has a service that will bring live TV from a variety of channels.
Why ESPN Almost Cancelled First Take, According To Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless is slowly starting to loosen his lips about his former employer ESPN, and he revealed there was a point when the network nearly took First Take off the air.
ESPN's John Saunders Is Dead At 61
Longtime ESPN host John Saunders has died. The anchor of such programs as ESPN's College Football Live, ABC's Saturday football programming and The Sports Reporters was only 61.
ESPN Is Losing Another Longtime Analyst, Get The Details
It's hard to comprehend not seeing something or someone that has been around for a bunch of years, but that's a task that ESPN viewers will have to grow accustomed to, as one longtime analyst is leaving the company.
The Real Problem With ESPN, According To Skip Bayless
As one of the most outspoken and opinionated minds in the world of sports analysis, Skip Bayless has been pretty quiet since it was announced he would be leaving behind ESPN for other pastures. But as his new show is set to premiere in the near future, he's starting to talk about his former employer.
Watch John Cena Hilariously Nail The Opening Monologue At The ESPYs
WWE superstar John Cena admitted a couple of weeks ago that he was actually nervous about hosting tonight's ESPY Awards on ABC. Well, it looks like his nerves managed to work in his favor, 'cause the man killed it. Take a look.
ESPN Is Finally Planning A New Streaming Service, Here's What We Know
When it comes to the biggest sports media empire, one would think that ESPN would be well ahead of the game in giving audiences sports in the most advanced ways possible, but the network is still quite behind the times when it comes to the world of streaming. But that may change soon.
Watch Announcers Laugh At Woman For Trying To Catch Foul Ball With Her Food
It's important to have fun at your job, wich is exactly what these sportscasters did when a woman substituted her mitt with some nachos. The results are appropriately explosive.
Why John Cena Is Terrified About Hosting The ESPY Awards
By now most people would say that wrestler John Cena is a master showman. But, that doesn't mean nothing makes the man nervous. Here's what's bugging him about hosting the ESPY Awards.
Why Bill Simmons Was Actually Fired, According To ESPN's President
ESPN has been pretty quiet when it comes to the less amicable exits of some of the network's biggest names, including that of Bill Simmons. But now ESPN's president has let loose with a blunt statement on why Simmons was fired.
The Crazy Number Of Subscribers ESPN Has Lost Since 2013
While the wide world of sports hasn’t been the victim of a huge and noticeable exodus of fans over the past few years, the same cannot be said for ESPN’s subscriber base.
Chris Berman Is Reportedly Leaving ESPN, Get The Details
The latest big name reportedly throwing in the analyst towel over at ESPN is Chris “Boomer” Berman, the on-air icon who could – not – go – all – the – way through another year with the network. Or could he?
Monday Night Football Just Found Its Newest Commentator
A couple of weeks ago, the world of TV sports got rocked by the unexpected announcement that Mike Tirico would be leaving ESPN, which meant Monday Night Football would need an announcer. And now the position has been filled.
ESPN Just Got Slapped With A Lawsuit By An NFL Star
ESPN is at the center of another unfortunate news story, but instead of saying goodbye to an employee for one reason or another, the company got hit with a lawsuit from a major athlete.
Curt Schilling Takes Shots At ESPN After Being Fired
If you know how generally outspoken Curt Schilling can be, then you were already anticipating his verbal blowback over getting canned by ESPN. Well, it happened, and Schilling pulled few punches when calling the network out.
ESPN Is Losing Another Big Name, Get The Details
And when the bearded and robed man did come down from the mountain, he held up one hand, and the fingers on that hand were equal to the amount of on-air analysts that ESPN networks will have by the end of this decade.
Monday Night Football's Mike Tirico Is Leaving ESPN For Another Network
One of TV sports’ most dependable voices is making a big change as far as where that voice is coming from, and the changes for Mike Tirico don't stop there.
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