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Gotham: What The Mad Hatter Is All About, According To The Actor
Actor Benedict Samuel has come out and explained the mentality of The Mad Hatter, as well as the mission that drives the iconic Batman foe in Gotham Season 3.
Why Superhero TV Shows Don't Work, According To Gotham's Creator
Gotham is heading into its third season after ending Season 2 on pure madness, and while creator Bruno Heller doesn't mind embracing the do-anything side of comic storytelling, he is most certainly not a fan of standard superhero TV shows.
Why Gotham Gave Us That Big Jerome Cliffhanger At The End Of Season 2
Gotham's proto-Joker was one of the show's biggest strengths, and his absence has been quite the sore spot. Now, we know why the show dished up his possible return in that crazy cliffhanger.
Check Out The Mad Hatter’s Lair In New Gotham Image
Check out the first good look at The Mad Hatter's undeniably creepy lair on the upcoming season of Gotham.
Why Gotham's Court Of Owls Is So Fascinating, According To One Producer
Gotham introduced a whole bunch of new villains in Season 2, and some of the most mysterious are the members of the Court of Owls. The Court should play a big role in Season 3, and they'll evidently be pretty interesting.
One Gotham Actor Wants Clark Kent To Make An Appearance
Gotham is scooping up Batman characters left and right, so why not throw a little pre-teen Superman in there as well? One Gotham actor is dreaming of a crossover with the Boy of Steel.
Gotham Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite Character, Get The Details
Gotham has seen a ton of characters come and go throughout its first two seasons. Luckily for us, one of the best characters is going to be making a return to the FOX drama.
What To Expect From Poison Ivy In Gotham Season 3
Major changes are coming to the character of Ivy Pepper on the coming season of Gotham, and it's not just her appearance.
Gotham First Look: Check Out Season 3's Mad Hatter
Gotham has always brought a wide variety of crazy villains to the small screen, and Season 3 may be the craziest season to date thanks to the new bad guy. The first look at the Mad Hatter is definitely mad.
Why Gotham Regularly Makes Changes From The Source Material
Comic TV shows are all the rage right now. Gotham on Fox has found a way to set itself apart from other series in the genre in some key ways.
Two Batman Villains Gotham Is Definitely Bringing To Season 3
Two more iconic Batman foes will get in on the action during the third season of Gotham when the series returns this fall.
Will Gotham Introduce Harley Quinn? Here's What The Executive Producer Says
This past weekend let loose the DC Comics villainous superteam Suicide Squad for a film that squashed the shit out of the competition at the box office. Does its success mean a certain female standout will appear on Gotham in the future?
Gotham's New Poison Ivy Is Way More Seductive In Season 3 First Look
Gotham came out of the gate hardcore in Season 1, piling characters on top of characters. One of those early faces was Ivy Pepper, who would eventually grow into the villainous seductress Poison Ivy, but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon with young actress Clare Foley in the role. Here's the new and improved version.
Gotham Is Doing Something Crazy With Michael Chiklis In Season 3
One of Gotham's most ardent defenders of the law, Captain Nathaniel Barnes, is about to go through something big. And Michael Chiklis, the actor who plays Barnes, seems to think that the character is about to change in a major way.
What's Up With Bruce Wayne's Doppelganger On Gotham, According To The Actor
Gotham is going some even crazier places than usual in Season 3, but luckily we now have an answer to one of the mysteries the show left us on.
How Close Gotham Season 3 Will Get To Batman
Despite the fact that Fox's Gotham has Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon and features a whole slew of iconic Batman villains, Gotham has never been a series that is about the Caped Crusader himself. Now, however, things are beginning to change...
How Batman Could Still Join The CW's DC TV Shows
With all of the comic book TV shows currently popping up across the primetime landscape, it should be hard for fans to complain about anything outside of show-specific nitpicking. Yet, I could easily air out some grievances over not having a live-action Batman anywhere on the small screen. However...
Gotham Just Cast A Walking Dead Star As A Crazy Season 3 Villain
Fox's Gotham has introduced plenty of nuanced DC Comics villains over the first two seasons. Season 3 will be pulling one of the more bizarrely scary villains out of the comics and onto the page, and a Walking Dead actor will play the part.
Gotham: Check Out Fish Mooney's Scary New Look For Season 3
A new, disturbing picture of Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Mooney has surfaced online, and it has us so excited for the debut of Gotham's third season this fall.
Gotham Is Giving One Comic Villain A Completely New Backstory
Gotham Season 3 is adding another organized crime villain from the comics, only the TV version of the character has been given a different backstory.
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