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The Court Of Owls Just Made Its Boldest Move Yet On Gotham And We Can't Get Enough
Gotham has been upping the ante in Season 3 thanks to the increasingly evident interferences from the Court of Owls. The Court made its boldest move yet in the latest episode, and it's shaping up to be pretty awesome.
Supergirl Made A Gotham City Reference, But You Probably Shouldn't Get Too Excited
The CW's Supergirl recently made a reference to Batman's home town and now the creative team has brought up why the reference was made.
Even Gotham Is Making Ridiculous Donald Trump References, Here's What Happened
Coming hot on the heels of Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live is Gotham's own ridiculous nod to the current Republican candidate.
How Gotham Is Keeping The Joker Mystery Alive
Gotham has been especially intriguing when it comes to how it's handling The Joker's origins, and an upcoming episode might be our first hint at his return in Season 3.
Gotham's 5 Craziest Moments From Burn The Witch
Gotham has spent the last two seasons proving that its boundaries are few and far between, and tonight's episode is letting everyone run wild. Here were the 5 craziest moments.
Why Batman Shouldn't Be On Gotham, According To One  Actor
while some TV goers have praised Gotham for being a largely original story, many die hard DC fans have been anxious for the introduction of a full fledged Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and all of the other favorites. However, one Gotham actor doesn't think Batman is at all necessary.
Is Two-Face Coming To Gotham Soon? Here's What We Know
Gotham is unleashing a slew of villains in Season 3, many of them Hugo Strange's horrifying experiments. But it sounds like we might get another iconic villain on the way in Two-Face.
How One Villain Completely Changed Gotham Season 3
Gotham has fully embraced its subtitled arcs, and while Season 3 began with the story of heroes falling, one villain caused the creative team to completely redirect the plot.
How Gotham Season 3 Is Making Bruce More Like Batman
One more year of Gotham means Bruce Wayne is one year closer to becoming Batman. Find out how the young Bruce will be evolving in Season 3.
Gotham's Joker Just Teased His Return In The Best Way, Check It Out
Gotham is the only TV show that has fans waiting for the return of a character who isn't really The Joker, but is sort of The Joker. Actor Cameron Monaghan is teasing the Proto-Clown Prince's return in the best way.
Gotham Season 3 Is Introducing An Unexpected Character
Gotham is introducing a whole slew of new characters for Season 3, and some are more unexpected than others. The latest slated to turn up will be one that none of us could have predicted.
How Gotham's Riddler Was Able To Do What He Did, According To The Actor
Gotham has been slowly bringing the Riddler out to play over the past two season on the show with Ed Nygma's gradual descent into madness. Now we have an idea of how this show's version of the infamous villain actually came about.
How Gotham Season 3 Is Going To Kick Off
Gotham City has not found the light in the hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3, so we can only expect things to get darker, grittier and even more bizarrely hysterical this season. Here's how the new season will kick things off.
The Major Gotham Hookup That May Happen In Season 3
Gotham Season 3 is going to have a lot going on in the wake of the mass breakout of bad guys in the Season 2 cliffhanger. As it happens, however, two characters may find a love connection amidst the chaos.
Why Gotham Doesn't Operate Like Other Comic Book-Shows
Comic-based TV shows are all the rage nowadays, but one stands out as distinctly different from the others. Gotham is in a class of its own, and the showrunner has a good reason why he keeps it that way.
Gotham: What The Mad Hatter Is All About, According To The Actor
Actor Benedict Samuel has come out and explained the mentality of The Mad Hatter, as well as the mission that drives the iconic Batman foe in Gotham Season 3.
Why Superhero TV Shows Don't Work, According To Gotham's Creator
Gotham is heading into its third season after ending Season 2 on pure madness, and while creator Bruno Heller doesn't mind embracing the do-anything side of comic storytelling, he is most certainly not a fan of standard superhero TV shows.
Why Gotham Gave Us That Big Jerome Cliffhanger At The End Of Season 2
Gotham's proto-Joker was one of the show's biggest strengths, and his absence has been quite the sore spot. Now, we know why the show dished up his possible return in that crazy cliffhanger.
Check Out The Mad Hatter’s Lair In New Gotham Image
Check out the first good look at The Mad Hatter's undeniably creepy lair on the upcoming season of Gotham.
Why Gotham's Court Of Owls Is So Fascinating, According To One Producer
Gotham introduced a whole bunch of new villains in Season 2, and some of the most mysterious are the members of the Court of Owls. The Court should play a big role in Season 3, and they'll evidently be pretty interesting.
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