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6 Big Things Gotham Fans Can Expect From Season 4

When Gotham returns this week for Season 4, there are quite a few things that fans can expect to see.

The Gotham Character Who's Definitely Not Coming Back, According To The Producer

Gotham has a habit of reviving dead characters, although now it looks like one fan favorite isn't coming back from the dead.

Gotham Will Team Jerome Up With Another Major Villain In Season 4

The next time we see Gotham's proto-Joker, he won't be working alone.

Gotham Is Finally Giving Lucius Fox More To Do In Season 4

It looks like one of the supporting characters may finally have a meatier role in the coming episodes, and his plot sounds fantastic.

How Gotham Season 4 Sets Up Jim Gordon's Relationship With Bruce Wayne's Pre-Batman Vigilante

Check out how Gotham Season 4 will see Jim and Bruce coming together as the latter starts down the path to Batman-dom.

Gotham Season 4 Just Cast One Of Batman's Most Bizarre Villains

Being insane is basically a requirement to be a Batman villain, and Gotham is adding one of his most bizarre to the growing ensemble of Season 4.

Gotham Season 4 Trailer Unveils Bruce Wayne's First Version Of Batman's Suit

Gotham dropped a new Season 4 trailer that, among other things, gives us our first big look at Bruce Wayne's initial attempt at creating the Batsuit.

Could Gotham Actually Introduce Baby Batgirl? One Star Is Optimistic

Gotham seemed to be moving away from every introducing Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon, but one star is optimistic about those chances.

What Gotham Season 4 Will Finally Show Fans, According To One Star

Gotham inspires a lot of fan curiosity, and Season 4 will apparently go deeper into something we've wondered about for a while now.

Two Big Ways Batman Will Start To Show Up In Gotham Season 4

Gotham has spent the last few years slowly developing young Bruce Wayne into the man who will take on the cape and the cowl of Batman. Now, the executive producer has revealed two big ways we'll see more of Batman in Bruce soon.

Will The Riddler Be Affected By Being Frozen? Here's What Cory Michael Smith Says

Riddle me this: what happens to a person after they've been frozen in ice for an extended period of time? That's what the Riddler will find out in the newest season of Gotham.

Gotham Season 4 Is Teaming Up Its Characters In Unexpected Ways

During San Diego Comic-Con, CinemaBlend learned about some interesting new factions that will rise up in Gotham Season 4, and they sound awesome.

The Crazy Injury Camren Bicondova Got On The Set Of Gotham

It's a well-known fact that Gotham films a lot of pretty wild scenes, but one landed Camren Bicondova in the hospital.

When Jerome Will Return To Gotham, According To The Executive Producer

Gotham has been bringing a variety of legendary DC Comics rogues to the small screen, and the proto-Joker known as Jerome has been a highlight. Now, the producer has revealed when Jerome will be back.

The Awesome Way Gotham Is Bringing Scarecrow Back For Season 4

When Gotham returns for Season 4, The Scarecrow will be returning, and we found out from producer John Stephens how much more intense it'll be this time around.

Could Gotham Introduce Dick Grayson Soon? Here's What One Star Says

Dick Grayson is one of the most beloved characters of DC Comics fame. Now, one Gotham star has weighed in on whether the first Boy Wonder could appear on the show sometime soon.

One Gotham Star Apparently Dropped A Big Spoiler About Season 4

It has something to do with Season 3's giant finale, too.

How Gotham Will Introduce Batman In Season 4

Gotham capped off Season 3 with Bruce Wayne in a very familiar pose, and now the actor is hinting at how Batman will start to appear in Season 4.

Why Gotham's Jerome Probably Won't Ever Be On The Show Full-Time

Jerome Valeska has been one of the wildest villains of Gotham so far. His particular brand of crazy has been totally Joker-esque, but one star thinks he'll never be around as a regular for some big reasons.

15 Things You Really Shouldn't Overthink About Gotham

Gotham has delivered tons of shocking moments, and arguably even more unintentionally questionable moments. As such, here are 15 things fans shouldn't overthink about Gotham.

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