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When Gotham's Catwoman Will Start To Show Up, According To The Actress
Selina Kyle has been a major part of Gotham so far, and actress Camren Bicondova chatted with CinemaBlend to give an inside scoop on when we'll see more of Catwoman showing up. Check it out!
6 Awesome Batman Comic Stories That Gotham Needs To Use
Gotham has never shied away from forging its own path with the Batman lore, but we think these six stories definitely deserve to be told on the Fox series.
What Gotham's Riddler Will Look Like, According To Cory Michael Smith
Gotham star Cory Michael Smith spoke with CinemaBlend about his future in Season 3, and he shared some very interesting details about what to expect from his Riddler's costume.
How Gotham Brought Jerome Back For Its Joker Storyline
Gotham went totally bonkers in tonight's episode, which laid out the long-anticipated return of Cameron Monaghan's proto-Joker madman Jerome. Here's what happened.
When Harley Quinn Will Appear On Gotham
Gotham has managed to introduce some of the most legendary characters of Batman lore, and it looks like the show has a plan for when it will bring Harley Quinn to the small screen.
First Look At Resurrected Jerome In Gotham
Anticipation for Jerome's return has been at an all time high, and now a new trailer was released which features our first look at the fan favorite character.
The Awesome Way Gotham Is Using Jerome's Joker In Season 3
Jerome is making his way back to Gotham, and the reason for his return is completely awesome. Get the details!
9 Struggling TV Shows That Need To Be Renewed
Every year's TV lineup is always filled with creative hits and misses, but it's often the ratings that decide shows' fates. Check out our list of 9 shows that deserve another season!
Gotham Cast A Justified Fave As A Character From Batman's Early Vigilante Years
Season 3 has done some wild things in its opening chapters, and it the remainder of the season will bring in a Justified vet to play a mysterious new character from Batman's early days as a vigilante.
Gotham's Best Character Makes A Bloody Return In New Midseason Image
When Gotham returns for the rest of Season 3, it will be bringing back a particularly memorable character. And it looks to be a particularly memorable manner in which that return will be realized.
The Best Superhero Moments On TV In 2016
We've seen vigilantes fight intense street wars, powerful sorcerers use magic for nefarious purposes, and even super powered aliens that have to deal with the stress of everyday life. From Arrow, to Daredevil, to Luke Cage and Supergirl, there seems to be a superhero for every tonal preference.
How Gotham Could Connect To The Dark Knight In Its Midseason Premiere
When Gotham returns to fans in the new year, there will be a new face around that could provide a great link to The Dark Knight.
Gotham May Bring A Familiar Version Of The Joker To Season 3
Fans have been waiting to see how Gotham will handle the return of Jerome, and the actor's recent social media posts hint that he could take on one of the Joker's most recognizable forms.
How Gotham Totally Screwed Jim Gordon
For tonight's episode, Gotham put Jim front and center, and he ended up in what is arguably his most damning predicament yet. Here's what happened!
Will Barbara Become Harley Quinn On Gotham? Here's What Erin Richards Says
Gotham's Barbara Kean has long sparked comparisons to Harley Quinn, and actress Erin Richards recently spoke with CinemaBlend about if that could happen.
Gotham Just Signed On An Awesome Dexter Actor
Gotham has introduced plenty of new characters in Season 3. Now, the show has tapped one of the most memorable Dexter actors for what could be a killer role in the near future.
Why Barbara Just Changed Everything On Gotham, According To Erin Richards
Actress Erin Richards recently spoke with CinemaBlend about Barbara's actions in the latest Gotham episode, and she explained what we can expect to see in the future.
Gotham's Morena Baccarin Has Another TV Show Coming That Sadly Isn't More Firefly
Just a few days after Firefly's Alan Tudyk revealed a scene he and Nathan Fillion have always wanted to shoot, we have Firefly on the brain. Which is why when Morena Baccarin announced she was heading to another TV project, our minds obviously went there.
Did Gotham Just Set A Character Up To Die Soon?
Always proving its distinction as one of TV's most bizarre dramas, Gotham spent tonight's episode focused on three stories, and one of them has seemingly put one character on a doom-filled path.
How Robin Lord Taylor Feels About Those Gotham Fans Who Are Mad About Penguin's Sexuality
Perhaps the most shocking spin of Gotham's third season comes courtesy of Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot and his new love. Actor Robin Lord Taylor has words for anyone who has a problem with it, too.
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