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How Gotham Totally Screwed Jim Gordon
For tonight's episode, Gotham put Jim front and center, and he ended up in what is arguably his most damning predicament yet. Here's what happened!
Will Barbara Become Harley Quinn On Gotham? Here's What Erin Richards Says
Gotham's Barbara Kean has long sparked comparisons to Harley Quinn, and actress Erin Richards recently spoke with CinemaBlend about if that could happen.
Gotham Just Signed On An Awesome Dexter Actor
Gotham has introduced plenty of new characters in Season 3. Now, the show has tapped one of the most memorable Dexter actors for what could be a killer role in the near future.
Why Barbara Just Changed Everything On Gotham, According To Erin Richards
Actress Erin Richards recently spoke with CinemaBlend about Barbara's actions in the latest Gotham episode, and she explained what we can expect to see in the future.
Gotham's Morena Baccarin Has Another TV Show Coming That Sadly Isn't More Firefly
Just a few days after Firefly's Alan Tudyk revealed a scene he and Nathan Fillion have always wanted to shoot, we have Firefly on the brain. Which is why when Morena Baccarin announced she was heading to another TV project, our minds obviously went there.
Did Gotham Just Set A Character Up To Die Soon?
Always proving its distinction as one of TV's most bizarre dramas, Gotham spent tonight's episode focused on three stories, and one of them has seemingly put one character on a doom-filled path.
How Robin Lord Taylor Feels About Those Gotham Fans Who Are Mad About Penguin's Sexuality
Perhaps the most shocking spin of Gotham's third season comes courtesy of Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot and his new love. Actor Robin Lord Taylor has words for anyone who has a problem with it, too.
Did Gotham Just Introduce A Villain From Batman's Animated Series?
A lot of villains have appeared on Gotham at this point, and they've either been characters from the comics or those that were created just for the show. Well, now it looks like the series might be giving us a villain that has only ever been used on an animated show.
Gotham Just Made That Penguin/Riddler Storyline A Lot More Uncomfortable
Gotham is keeping things wild and wacky with the Penguin and Riddler's partnership, and tonight's episode reached a point of no return.
Gotham's Crazy Penquin And Riddler Love Triangle Got More Complicated
Romance is not something that goes well for everyone on Gotham. Or anyone on Gotham. So it is with an engaged non-optimism that we watch the burgeoning love triangle involving Penguin and Riddler.
Gotham Just Revealed Who's Pulling The Court Of Owls' Strings, And Whoa
The Mad Hatter has been a welcome presence on Gotham, and his presence in tonight's episode led to a pair of reveals that directly ties to the mysterious Court of Owls.
Gotham Just Cast Selina Kyle's Mother, Check Her Out
Gotham has introduced a lot of new characters so far in Season 3, and we're in for another when Selina's mom makes her grand debut. Now we know who will be playing her on the small screen.
Gotham Just Made A Shocking Choice For The Penguin, And It's Perfect
Though tonight's episode of Gotham was centered on Jim Gordon trying to take down The Mad Hatter, some fans were no doubt cheering loudest over The Penguin's storyline.
The Court Of Owls Just Made Its Boldest Move Yet On Gotham And We Can't Get Enough
Gotham has been upping the ante in Season 3 thanks to the increasingly evident interferences from the Court of Owls. The Court made its boldest move yet in the latest episode, and it's shaping up to be pretty awesome.
Supergirl Made A Gotham City Reference, But You Probably Shouldn't Get Too Excited
The CW's Supergirl recently made a reference to Batman's home town and now the creative team has brought up why the reference was made.
Even Gotham Is Making Ridiculous Donald Trump References, Here's What Happened
Coming hot on the heels of Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live is Gotham's own ridiculous nod to the current Republican candidate.
How Gotham Is Keeping The Joker Mystery Alive
Gotham has been especially intriguing when it comes to how it's handling The Joker's origins, and an upcoming episode might be our first hint at his return in Season 3.
Gotham's 5 Craziest Moments From Burn The Witch
Gotham has spent the last two seasons proving that its boundaries are few and far between, and tonight's episode is letting everyone run wild. Here were the 5 craziest moments.
Why Batman Shouldn't Be On Gotham, According To One  Actor
while some TV goers have praised Gotham for being a largely original story, many die hard DC fans have been anxious for the introduction of a full fledged Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and all of the other favorites. However, one Gotham actor doesn't think Batman is at all necessary.
Is Two-Face Coming To Gotham Soon? Here's What We Know
Gotham is unleashing a slew of villains in Season 3, many of them Hugo Strange's horrifying experiments. But it sounds like we might get another iconic villain on the way in Two-Face.
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