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How NBC Will Honor Pearl Harbor's 75th Anniversary
NBC has officially revealed how it plans to commemorate the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7.
Why A Friends Reunion Wouldn't Work, According To Jennifer Aniston
In the time before but especially after most of the Friends cast reunited for a big NBC special, fans have wondered if we might get a real Friends reunion down the line.
Derek Hough Just Joined A New Show, Which Is Terrible For Dancing With The Stars
Derek Hough has been a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars for a long time, but this new project is making things a whole lot stickier.
David S. Pumpkins Does Have A Middle Name And It Totally Makes Sense
Tom Hanks was a huge hit during his recent hosting gig on SNL as he brought the dancing character of David S. Pumpkins to the small screen. Now, the sketch writer has revealed what the S actually stands for, and it's pretty perfect.
How Alexis Bledel Feels About That Gilmore Girls Spoiler
The Gilmore Girls revival finally hit the schedule this past weekend, and reactions to the new series have been all across the board, although many of us can agree it was at least nice to see Rory and Lorelei back in action again.
Could Thursday Night Football End Soon? Here's What The NFL Says
The NFL has been a hotbed of scrutiny in recent years, and a very recent report suggested the weekly Thursday Night Football telecasts could possibly end soon. Here's what the League says.
Watch Kevin James And Jimmy Fallon Spit Food On Each Other For Hilariously Messy Sketch
Kevin James appeared on The Tonight Show and like many guests, he played a game that needed some serious clean up afterward. Check out what Jimmy Fallon looks like with a face full of mashed potatoes.
Apparently The Friends Turkey Wasn't Real
In its 10 years on the air, Friends created many episodes that would become favorites among fans, if not outright classics. "The One With All the Thanksgivings" is one of those episodes, but, as it turns out, the episode that saw Joey and Monica put turkeys on their heads cheated a little bit.
The Night Shift Is Losing A Major Actor, Here's What's Happening
In the network TV ratings game, steadiness can often be the key to victory, and NBC definitely has that in the medical drama The Night Shift. But Season 4 will get shaken up by one cast member leaving.
Watch The SNL Cast Invent Animals In Hilarious Creation Sketch Cut For Time
Comedienne Kristen Wiig returned to SNL this past weekend to tackle hosting duties, and the show has released one of the hilarious sketches that got cut for time. Check it out!
How Jennifer Aniston Feels About The Friends Theme Song
The iconic comedy was wildly popular during its heyday, and led to a lot of the people involved with the show going on to create other popular movies and TV shows. However, just because a show does a lot of things right doesn't mean it can't also do a few things wrong.
Is Saturday Night Live Biased? Here's What Michael Che Says
There have been a lot of questions rearing their ugly heads in the months leading up to the Presidential election and the days following that election. A lot of these question revolve around late night TV programs and what their role is.
SNL Has The Perfect Way To Cope With Awkward Family Thanksgivings
Everyone has a family member they want to avoid for the Holidays. Luckily, SNL has the perfect solution.
The Unexpected Stipulation Included In One This Is Us Star's Contract
Sometimes life imitates art, and one cast member of This Is Us might prove this to be true. She had a stipulation in her contract to better reflect the journey of her character.
More Alec Baldwin For SNL's Donald Trump? Here's What We Know
Now that the election is over, many Saturday Night Live fans are wondering if there's a chance we could get more Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on the show. Well, now we have an answer.
The Crazy Saturday Night Live Secret Norm Macdonald Learned From Chris Farley
Norm Macdonald recently dropped a Saturday Night Live info-bomb that was shared with him by the late Chris Farley upon the two meeting for the first time.
The Night Shift Renewed For Season 4 On NBC
Fans of the NBC medical drama The Night Shift are in for some good news today. The show just got a Season 4 renewal from the network.
Grimm's Creators Have Another Crazy New Show In The Works
It's a sad truth that Grimm will be ending this TV season (and will be getting a shortened episode order to boot), but when endings happen there are also often new beginnings.
Gotham's Morena Baccarin Has Another TV Show Coming That Sadly Isn't More Firefly
Just a few days after Firefly's Alan Tudyk revealed a scene he and Nathan Fillion have always wanted to shoot, we have Firefly on the brain. Which is why when Morena Baccarin announced she was heading to another TV project, our minds obviously went there.
How The Caffeine Pill Episode From Saved By The Bell Was Supposed To Be Way Darker
This has been quite the giving month for Saved by the Bell news and noise, and now we have what could be the greatest piece of Saved by the Bell trivia possible. You should get so excited.
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