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How Stephen Baldwin Feels About Alec Baldwin's Trump Impression
Alec Baldwin has received a lot of notice for his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live, and now his sibling has come out to explain how he feels about the new impression.
Ratings Roundup: The Best And The Worst For Each Major Network So Far
There are some fall shows that are faring way better than others, and we've decided to compile a list of network TV's best and worst to give you a taste of which of your favorite shows are doing well and which aren't
Saturday Night Live Is Crushing Right Now, Can Thank The Election
It's common for fans of the show to get a little more excited during election years, as the parodies on Saturday Night Live help to liven up our perspective in relation to the election.
Why Chicago Fire Went With That Shocking Character Exit
Being a firefighter is a dangerous job that not everyone is meant to stick with for an entire lifetime, and so it goes with the characters of NBC's Chicago Fire, which bid farewell to one of its own tonight.
When Miley Cyrus Will Be Back On The Voice
The Voice has been on the air for 11 seasons, now, and while Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have been constants on the series, the show has featured a rotating cast of mentors in the other two chairs
Billy Bush Is Officially Done At NBC's Today
Billy Bush only joined NBC's Today a few months ago, but his impact on the morning staple has been anything but positive recently thanks to a controversial video involving Donald Trump, and an end game has been reached.
NBC Found Its First Replacement For Billy Bush
Today has been the subject of some very negative buzz in light of the recent scandal surrounding host Billy Bush. Now, NBC has found somebody to fill in for Bush following now that he has been suspended.
Why Corey Feldman Dropped The Flag During His Today Performance
While the performance itself is exactly what we've come to expect from Corey Feldman's musical career, he had one awkward moment that did not resonate with the fans watching him sing his track "Take a Stand."
Why Dawson Is Going To Be A Paramedic Again On Chicago Fire
It looks like a change is coming for one of Chicago Fire's newest firefighters, as Gabriela Dawson will be making her way back to her paramedic seat on the ambulance soon. Here's why.
Why The Donald Trump Apprentice Tapes Won't Be Released, According To Mark Burnett
It's a known fact that Donald Trump said some unsavory things while filming a segment for Access Hollywood nearly a decade ago, but whether or not he was equally inappropriate while on Celebrity Apprentice is still up for debate.
Will Celebrity Apprentice Release Trump Footage? Here's The Latest
Donald Trump has been dealing with backlash related to a leaked video of the former reality host making disparaging remarks towards women for a week now. More footage of the same ilk is allegedly out there.
First Trailer For True Blood Author's New Show Is Monster-Filled Insanity
Now, we've finally gotten a good look at what Midnight, Texas we'll be about, and we have to say we're all in. If you enjoyed HBO's former supernatural drama, you may be, too.
How The Today Show Addressed Billy Bush's Recent Suspension This Morning
Today host Billy Bush was suspended from his duties on the daytime talk show series after footage was released revealing he had made some disparaging comments against women more than a decade ago.
Tom Hanks Returning To Host Saturday Night Live
A member of the Five-Timers Club returns the host Saturday Night Live in its 42nd season. Hit the jump to learn when the episode airs.
Watch An Adorable American Ninja Warrior Fan Conquer An Amazing Course Her Dad Built
Only the best of the best all-around athletes are able to succeed on American Ninja Warrior. One hopeful is gaining an edge on all future competition by mastering obstacle courses early, and she's pretty adorable as she does it.
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump On SNL Crushed In The Ratings
Saturday Night Live nailed it by bringing Alec Baldwin in as Donald Trump for Season 42, and the season premiere's ratings are absolute proof of that.
What Hillary Clinton Thought Of Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Impression On SNL
Saturday Night Live just kicked off Season 42 this past weekend. The new episode featured a cast change-up, which meant we got a brand new version of Donald Trump on the small screen.
Simon Cowell Will Be A Judge On America's Got Talent For A Long Time
America's Got Talent has been on the air for quite some time now, but one of the things the show has had a history of changing up is its judging lineup.
Watch Candace Cameron Bure Freak Out When Her Daughter Gets Chosen On The Voice
This week, we met Natasha Bure on the series, and while the singer is not a name we may know off of the top of our heads, her mother certainly is. The Voice contestant's mom is Fuller House's Candace Cameron Bure.
Who Came Up With The Idea To Cast Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump
Saturday Night Live returned to the schedule this weekend with a big episode featuring Margot Robbie, the return of a slew of cast members, a memorable "Weekend Update" and, of course, Donald Trump.
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