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Why The Law And Order: SVU Spinoff Is Now On Hold, According To NBC
When it comes to TV spinoffs, few working producers are more knowledgable than NBC stalwart Dick Wolf, but his latest Law & Order spinoff had to get put on hold. Here's why.
When This Is Us Will Reveal The Details Behind Jack's Death
This Is Us has been a hit both with its ratings and its sobs-per-minute average. And it looks like some details about Jack's death are on the way.
How The Blacklist Spinoff Is Going To Work On NBC
If you've been keeping tabs on The Blacklist spinoff, you should already know that one of the series' main characters, Tom Keen, will be making the transition between The Blacklist and The Blacklist: Redemption. Here's how that works.
This Is Us Just Got A Crazy-Huge Renewal Order
Family drama This Is Us has been a huge success for NBC this season, and now the network has rewarded the show with a massive renewal order.
Will And Grace Is Definitely Coming Back, Here's How
TV audiences have seen all kinds of shows returning to the small screen in recent years, and fans of Will and Grace will be jumping for joy now that a new season has been confirmed.
Why A Former Apprentice Contestant Is Suing Donald Trump
Donald Trump won't officially take over as President of the United States until January 20, but he already has a lot on his plate. This week, Trump's transitional team has been dealing with allegations from a former contestant on NBC's The Apprentice.
John Cena Squatting While Holding Al Roker Is The Greatest Thing You'll See All Day
There are quite a few people who are qualified to give out exercise tips, but not many people do so as affably as John Cena, who popped up on Today this morning to give NBC viewers some awesome exercises.
Donald Trump's Spokesman Is Really Mad At SNL Too, Here's What He Said
Donald Trump has been fairly outspoken on social media in the weeks following his win in the Presidential Election. One of the topics he has seemed to enjoy is taking shots at Saturday Night Live, but he's not the only one.
One Ridiculous Saturday Night Live Sketch That Never Made it To The Air
Two Saturday Night Live vets shared a particularly ridiculous sketch idea that never made it to air. Nor the actual filming stages.
Batman Now Ties To NBC's Powerless In An Even Bigger Way
NBC jumped into the superhero game in a unique way when it ordered up Powerless, and the show has been adding more and more comic tie-ins, including this big Batman connection.
This Is Us Just Hit A Ratings Milestone
This Is Us returned from its winter hiatus this week and somehow managed to top its own already impressive stats. Here's what happened.
Watch The Roots Hilariously Reenact A Ridiculous Scene From The Bachelor
During the most recent episode, there was some drama between contestants Corinne and Taylor leading into an intense conversation between the two women about their issues after one woman interrupted another.
How This Is Us Just Answered That Massive Toby Cliffhanger
This is Us left a lot of people in shock with a major cliffhanger in early December. Now, though, we finally know how things turned out for Toby.
The Golden Globes Misspelled John Legend's Name And Chrissy Teigen Thought It Was Hilarious
The Golden Globes went off without much trouble over the weekend on NBC, but it turns out that a spelling error brought some laughs for Chrissy Teigen.
The Golden Girls Is Headed To Streaming For The First Time
A lot of iconic comedies have started streaming over the past several years, including shows like Friends and Seinfeld, that have had a long shelf life in syndication.
NBC's Not Streaming The Golden Globes And That's Not Sitting Well With Twitter
Plenty of people figured that NBC would have the Golden Globes streaming for viewers everywhere. That wasn't the case, however, and folks on Twitter expressed their anger.
Watch Jimmy Fallon Wing It When His Teleprompter Broke During The Golden Globes
Jimmy Fallon took the stage as host of the 74th Golden Globes, and he had to improvise right off the bat when his teleprompter failed him. Take a look!
2017 Golden Globes: TV Winners Updated Live
Tonight should be a pretty big night for TV and movies, and in TV the categories are extremely varied and exciting, including newcomers like This is Us and Stranger Things, and far fewer longtime favorites.
Days Of Our Lives May End This Year, Here's What We Know
Soap opera fans may want to brace themselves. 2017 could be the last year for the long-running Days of Our Lives, so hit the jump to learn everything we know.
Why The Blacklist's Lower Ratings Might Not Actually Be A Problem
The Blacklist has had a rough time with ratings on NBC during Season 4. Still, the low live viewing numbers might not be enough to cancel the series for one very big reason.
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