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How Jessie Graff Feels About Being The First Woman To Complete American Ninja Warrior's Stage 1
American Ninja Warrior has always brought together an elite group of versatile athletes to compete for the top title. The star of Season 8 has been Supergirl stuntwoman Jessie Graff, who just smashed another Ninja Warrior record.
Why The NBC Olympics May Have Been Such A Mess
When a network takes on a project as big as the Olympics, you should expect an issue or two, but a new report indicates there may be a big reason the 2016 Olympics broadcasting had so many problems.
Watch American Ninja Warrior's Supergirl Stuntwoman Crush At Finals Week
American Ninja Warrior contestant Jessie Graff made headlines earlier this summer when she dominated a daunting course. Now, the Supergirl stuntwoman crushed during finals week 1 with an incredible performance.
The Walking Dead Almost Had An Absolutely Horrible Premise, Here’s What We Know
Part of what makes The Walking Dead such great television is the balance between the constant threat of zombies and the even more dangerous human survivors. Well now it appears that one half of that threat was originally not going to be very present. And it ain't the humans.
O.J. Simpson Trial Prosecutor Marcia Clark Is Getting Her Own TV Show, Here's What To Expect
The infamous trial of O.J. Simpson recently returned to the spotlight thanks to the American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson series on FX. Now, one of the key figures of the original trial will be getting her own small screen series.
Jimmy Fallon Just Dominated The Competition Last Night
Late night television has some great talk show options to cap off an evening. The Tonight Show has consistently been topping the competition, and last night's ratings absolutely crushed.
James Corden Apparently Thought He Was Going To Be On SNL
Saturday Night Live's longtime head Lorne Michaels has made a major impression on a slew of individuals over the years. His influence has led to plenty of people nabbing jobs on SNL and in other comedy mediums, and has apparently led to various comedians believing they would at least get to audition.
All The Saturday Night Live Cast Members Returning For Season 42
Saturday Night Live still hasn't figured out its official Season 42 premiere date, but at least one thing has finally been cemented for the upcoming episodes: The cast.
Law And Order's Steven Hill Is Dead At 94
2016 has been a rough year when it comes to famous faces passing away, and showbiz has now lost another performer. Sadly, Steven Hill of Law & Order fame has died.
Watch This Hilarious Supercut Of News Bloopers From The Summer Olympics
However, on the journalist's end of Olympics coverage, often people are really excited about the weird moments and bloopers, and this compilation brings some of the silliest and funniest moments from the Olympics together into one easy-to-watch video
Janice's Grating Laugh On Friends Has The Perfect Explanation
Of all the things that Friends gave the world, the worst and best has to be the nasal offense to the senses that is Janice's laughter. Actress Maggie Wheeler could not have a better origin story for this unforgettable character trait.
Celebrity Apprentice Trailer: NBC's First Promo Reveals Arnold's New Catchphrase
We finally got our first look at NBC's new version of The Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and we're loving his new catchphrase. Check it out.
One Parenthood Actor Is Already 100% In On A Revival
NBC's Parenthood was never the biggest ratings bringer for the network, but fans still really like the drama, and because of the meaningful way those fans have interacted with the series, there have been some rumors we could get a revival.
Watch This Hilarious Saturday Night Live Montage Of Cast Members Breaking Character
Saturday Night Live has had its ups and downs as the cast has changed over the years, but there is one thing that fans seem to unrepentantly love about the NBC comedy series.
A Reporter In Rio Has Been Hospitalized, Is In A Coma
There have been concerns about health and safety in Rio for weeks now, even before the actual 2016 Olympics events started happening. Now one reporter is in a coma.
This Olympics Diver Was Having A Really Bad Day
It's Olympic season once more, and we have the chance to watch the best athletes in the world compete for gold. Unfortunately, one of those athletes had a pretty terrible day in his diving event.
Why Olympics Ratings Are Down From 2012
We've heard about winners and losers, flubs and winning moments, and even the occasional robbery. However, despite the fact the Rio Olympics have been permeating our TVs, the news and plenty of watercooler conversations, the ratings for the Olympics in the US are lower this year than in 2012.
How The Saturday Night Live Cast Helped Tracy Morgan Return To Comedy
Even though the perma-raunchy Tracy Morgan carved his hole in the comedy world for years - pun intended - his horrifying accident in 2014 took him away from it. He took his time returning to it, and he credits the cast of Saturday Night Live with inspiring him to be funny again.
The Rio Olympics Made An Outrageous Song About Keeping Arenas Clean
Regardless, Rio is hoping to keep the stadiums looking as nice as possible and has even put together a cover in order to make sure that Olympics attendees keep the area clean and smoke free.
Ryan Lochte Was Robbed At The Olympics, Here's What He Had To Say
Over the weekend, veteran swimmer Ryan Lochte and a crew of his swimming pals decided to go out on the town in Rio, but ended up getting robbed at gunpoint.
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