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NCIS Is Losing One Of Its Stars, Get The Details

CBS has one of the biggest shows on network TV with NCIS, but not everybody in the cast will be back when the show returns to the airwaves in the fall.

CBS 2017-2018 Fall TV Schedule Announced, Includes Big Bang Theory Spinoff And More

CBS' annual fall schedule has been released, and there's a lot of new blood to go with the Blue Bloods.

Could The NCIS Finale Change Up The Team? Here's What One Star Says

The end of NCIS Season 14 is fast-approaching, and one star has weighed in on how the finale will or will not make big changes for Season 15.

When The Major TV Season Finales Will Air

The fall and midseason TV shows are all coming to an end soon. Here's when and where everything will be airing!

What NCIS Fans Need To See In The Season Finale, According To The EP

The end of NCIS Season 14 is fast-approaching, and the executive producer has weighed in on what's coming in the big finale.

What’s Cancelled And Renewed In 2017? Here's The Rundown Of How Network Shows Are Doing

One way to spot a floundering show is to keep an eye out for a major network cutting the episode order of a series, especially if it is a freshman program and therefore new to the network in question. Or, you can just check out our full guide.

Should CBS Be Worried About NCIS' Ratings?

NCIS has always been a top performer for CBS, and recent ratings indicate that audiences may be viewing the show a little differently in years past.

Is NCIS Giving Gibbs A Big Change Soon? Here's What Emily Wickersham Says

Tonight's episode of NCIS was all about Bishop, but there was also a particularly noteworthy moment for Gibbs that could lead to interesting things.

The Upcoming NCIS And NCIS: New Orleans Crossover Will Reveal One Character's Backstory

We recently learned that NCIS will be crossing over with the newer series NCIS: New Orleans on Valentine's Day. One big way the CBS shows are amping up this crossover is by giving us a little more back story on New Orleans character.

How NCIS Is Doing In The Ratings In Season 14

Currently in its 14th season, CBS' NCIS is showing no signs of slowing down, but are the ratings still indicative of that?

What Michael Weatherly Misses Most About NCIS

Michael Weatherly made a huge career change in 2016, and now that he's been away from his former NCIS home for a while, he can look back to what he misses the most.

The Awesome Way NCIS' Abby Sciuto Has Helped Fans In Real Life, According To The Actress

Abby Sciuto has been a pivotal member of the NCIS team for the entire series so far. According to the actress her plays her, Abby has had a major influence on viewers in a couple of key ways.

10 Network TV Shows That  Definitely Won't Get Cancelled

2016 is coming to an end, and the time is right to look back at the shows that hit the airwaves this fall. Some did better than others in the ratings, and we've determined 10 shows on the major networks that definitely won't get cancelled.

The Top 10 Primetime TV Shows In 2016, According To Nielsen

As it happens annually, Nielsen Media Research has released its list of the most-watched TV series of the year, and 2016 had a couple of big surprises in the pack. Check it out!

NCIS' Bishop Revealed Her Secret Coworker Boyfriend

Ellie Bishop had a lot to do in tonight's NCIS, and the episode clued audiences and characters in on who she's been dating on the sly.

Michael Weatherly Has An Awesome Idea For A Bull And NCIS Crossover

Even though Michael Weatherly's Bull isn't intrinsically part of the NCIS universe, the actor still has an idea for how the two could come together in the future.

NCIS Just Revealed Quinn's Tragic Backstory

Tonight's NCIS brought the return of Duane Henry's Clayton Reeves, but was most notable for adding major context to the life of Jennifer Esposito's Alex Quinn. Sadly, there weren't many smiles involved.

How NCIS Paid Tribute To Its Deceased Showrunner

NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg tragically passed away last week at the age of 50. This week, the show found a wonderful way to pay tribute to the man who had helped turn it into must-see TV for millions.

Michael Weatherly And The NCIS Cast Respond To Showrunner Gary Glasberg's Death

It's only been one short day since we learned prominent TV producer and NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg died in his sleep at the age of 50. He was gone too young and too soon, and a lot of people in the TV industry are feeling his absence today.

NCIS Showrunner Gary Glasberg Is Dead At 50

Today is a very sad day for fans of NCIS as well as the team over at CBS. Showrunner Gary Glasberg has passed away at the age of 50.

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