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Is Psych Coming Back? Here's What Dule Hill Says
TV is filled with reboots and reunions nowadays, and actor Dule Hill has weighed in on whether or not Psych could return to USA. His answer is pretty interesting, too.
Psych Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix
While Netflix keeps adding new original programming, the changes to the subscription streaming service's lineup means that a lot of syndicated programming has left the service over the past year or so.
10 Great Shows To Stream On Netflix This Summer
Summer can be a rough time for TV fans while most of the big shows are on hiatus until fall. Luckily, Netflix has a vast library of shows available, and some are absolutely perfect to bingewatch over the summer. Here are 10 of them.
Watch All The Times Psych Took A Shot At The Mentalist
There once was a time, around 2007, when it seemed that all you needed to get a show greenlit was a premise along the lines “exceptionally observant guy passes himself off as psychic, solves crimes.” From 2008-2014, the shows Psych and The Mentalist both fit that bill.
Psych Actress Will Join Two And A Half Men To Help Ashton Kutcher Have A Child
Fans of Maggie Lawson should be pleased to find out that the actress is already coming back to television, as she’s snagged a recurring role on CBS’ Two and a Half Men, which is heading into its twelfth and final season. How sizeable is the audience shared by these two series?
Psych Cancelled, Season 8 Will Be Its Last
There's bad news if you're a Psych fan. USA dropped the word today that the series' remaining episodes will be the show's last. Following a feature-length musical episode that aired late last year, the series debuted its eighth season last month and it's been confirmed that Season 8 will be the last. But all hope isn't entirely lost!
White Collar, Psych, Suits Return Dates Set, Denis Leary's Sirens Gets A March Premiere
USA is lining up their winter premieres and returns, and that includes start dates for the return of Suits, White Collar and Psych, as well as the debut of their new half-hour comedy from Denis Leary, Sirens. Suits will return Thursday, March 6 at 9/8c, after which Sirens will premiere at 10/9c. As for Psych, the beloved series will be back for its eighth season on Wednesday, January 8 at 9/8c.
Modern Family, White Collar, Covert Affairs And More Lined Up At USA This Fall
As summer begins to wind down, USA is gearing up for the start of the fall season, which for the cable channel marks the return of Covert Affairs and White Collar, the debut of the Holiday season reality series It Takes a Choir, and the arrival of the Pritchett and Dunphy families as Modern Family will settle into syndication at USA come late September. NCIS: Los Angeles is another acquisition set to start airing on USA this fall.
USA Responds To The Onion's Video With A Funny Graphic For Beach Law
The Onion's video poking fun at USA's sun-soaked line-up of original programming did not go ignored by the cable TV network. The Onion ran a parody news broadcast of USA's announcement of their renewal of "all 90 of its current shows," including "Burn Collar" and "Covert Notice," and other original series featuring "beautiful experts pretending to be something they're not in dazzling locations." The fake announcement, which takes a jab at USA's preference for finding the lighter side of crime investigations...
Hannibal Heads To Comic Con, Psych Gets 2 More Episodes And A Musical Screening At SDCC
Gaumont International Television is serving up something special for Comic Con attendees this year. The production company announced this week that their NBC series Hannibal will featured in a panel at the San Diego-set event this year. And, unlike just about every other SDCC announcement we've heard for TV shows this summer so far, we actually know exactly when and where this panel is taking place. Also coming to SDCC this year is USA's Psych.
Psych's Clue-Themed 100th Episode Airs Tonight, Viewers Decide The Ending Live
So, apparently, the cure to Gus' toupee fear is the promise of a chocolate room. Will they find it? That's just one mystery that may or may not be solved during tonight's anticipated 100th episode of Pysch, which will pay tribute to the 1985 mystery-comedy film Clue and include guest stars from the film. As if that weren't enough to make even the most casual fan of the series (or Clue for that matter) tune in, Psych is letting viewers choose the ending.
Psych Pays Homage To Clue With Its 100th Episode, Viewers To Pick The Ending Live
Clue fans won't want to miss Psych's 100th episode, which airs March 27 at 10/9c on USA. The mystery solving dramedy will pay homage to the 1985 murder mystery comedy film based on the beloved board game. And as the trailer for the episode indicates, not only will the episode, titled "100 Clues" feature guest stars from the film, but viewers will have the opportunity to choose the ending.
Psych's Maggie Lawson To Star In ABC Comedy Pilot
Psych is quickly approaching its highly anticipated seventh season, and it's confirmed to have an eighth season lined up beyond that. This latest piece of casting news suggests that Season 8 might be the detective show's last, though nothing is confirmed. Maggie Lawson has been tapped to play the female lead in an untitled ABC comedy pilot from Mark and Robb Cullen. It's not unusual for an actor on a show with an uncertain fate to sign on for a pilot "just in case" things don't go well for their current series, but word is, Lawson's new gig is in first position...
Psych Renewed For Season 8 Ahead Of Season 7 Premiere
Psych fans are likely to be anticipating the USA series' upcoming seventh season, which will include the show's Clue-themed 100th episode. What could there possibly be to look forward to beyond that? How about Season 8? Word is in that the show has been renewed for another season.
USA Announces Psych's Season 7 Premiere Date
USA’s Psych has finally gotten a Season 7 premiere date. The network’s popular show will begin airing on February 27, 2013, in a season that will feature several landmarks including a wedding, a musical episode, and a Clue reunion. The show will also reach its 100th episode next year.
Ally Sheedy Returning To Psych For Epic Season 7 Musical Episode
Ally Sheedy is returning to USA’s Psych. The former brat pack member has had an interesting storyline on the series in past episodes, popping up as the partner of a chaotic serial killer, in a position that eventually landed her in jail. There’s no word on what sort of shenanigans her upcoming role will get her into, but Sheedy will be returning to the series to reprise her role as Yang in a very special episode.
Psych Musical Will Be 2 Hours And The Clue Episode Will Be Awesome
Fans of Psych already knew they’d be in for a crazy season thanks to a Clue-theme episode and a musical, but if the Comic Con panel is any indication, the new chunk of episodes will be even wackier than expected. In addition to what I’ve mentioned above, fans will also get a taste of some Blair Witch spoofing and some legitimate character drama with real consequences.
Psych Comic-Con 2012 Live Blog: Season 7 Details, The Musical Episode, Jeffrey Tambor Guest Appearance
Psych is representing USA's original programming at Comic Con in San Diego this year, and we're here in Ballroom 20 to live blog the panel, which is set to feature stars James Roday (Shawn Spencer), Dulé Hill (Burton "Gus" Guster), Maggie Lawson (Juliet O'Hara),Tim Omundson (Carlton Lassiter), Kirsten Nelson (Chief Karen Vick), and Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer). Also expected to join the panel are Psych creator Steve Franks and executive producer Kelly Kulchak.
USA's Psych Set For A Panel At SDCC
While in previous years, USA has showcased a number of their popular original series at SDCC, it looks like the cable network is keeping it simple this year, with just one show set to be featured in a panel at the San Diego-set convention. There's good news for Psych fans set to attend Comic Con this year. The series, which will head into its seventh season this fall, will once again have a panel at SDCC.
USA's Psych Renewed For Season 7
Ts good news if you’re a fan of USA’s detective dramedy Psych. It was announced today that the series, which is partway through its sixth season, will be back for Season 7. Psych stars Roday as Shawn, an especially observant man who poses as a psychic to solve crime cases. He’s aided by his best (and childhood) friend Gus, who has no fake-psychic abilities, but has proven to be a very helpful, supportive and funny sidekick.
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