10 Shows Like Grey's Anatomy: What To Watch If You Love The Medical Drama

Some of the many characters of _Grey's Anatomy._

Some of the main cast of Scrubs.

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When I think of shows that have truly become a phenomenon over the last several years, one I always think of immediately is Grey’s Anatomy. From the romantic relationships to the dramatic moments to everything in-between, the medical drama has truly cemented itself in TV history, with Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 premiering in the not-so-distant future.

However, what if you’re craving something different, but sort of similar? There are plenty of TV shows you can watch that might remind you of Grey’s Anatomy, from some of the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes', work, to other shows that just have the same sort of atmosphere. If you’re looking for a new show to binge that you’ll get just as obsessed with, check out these picks.

Kerry Washington in Scandal.

Scandal (Hulu)

Created by Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, Scandal is about a former White House Communications Director, who starts her own crisis management firm only to realize that her clients aren’t the only ones with secrets to tell or to hide.

If you’re looking for an amazing political thriller, then Scandal has you covered, and it’s perfect for Grey’s Anatomy fans because it’s created by the same woman and has highly dramatic plots that will have you wanting to watch every episode ASAP. Kerry Washington is brilliant as Olivia Pope, and deserves all the praise that she got for playing the role. With seven seasons, Scandal is a truly scandalous show to binge.

Stream Scandal on Hulu.

Dr. Addison Montgomery in Private Practice.

Private Practice (Netflix)

In this medical show (also created by Rhimes), Private Practice takes place at Seaside Health & Wellness Center, and chronicles the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery when she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital and joins a private practice, hence the title, in Los Angeles.

Private Practice is literally a spin-off from Grey’s Anatomy, which makes it perfect for fans of the show - especially if you loved the character of Addison, since that is who you follow throughout the series. It has everything you could want, from dramatic cases to heartbreaking stories to romantic moments, except this time, it’s in L.A.

Stream Private Practice on Netflix.

Some of the main characters in Station 19.

Station 19 (Hulu)

Oh, look. Another Shonda Rhimes-produced spinoff. Station 19 focuses on the lives of the men and women who run Seattle Fire Station 19, set in the same city as Grey’s Anatomy.

Station 19 is perfect for Grey’s fans because, while it is another spinoff, it isn’t as medically focused as Private Practice. Instead, it’s solely focused in on the lives of the firefighters, offering another look into one of the most important jobs there is. What’s really cool about Station 19 is that there are a lot of crossovers, as well, since it takes place in the same city as its predecessor, so you’ll end up like that Leonardo DiCaprio meme pointing at the TV when you recognize someone. It’s a great watch, and still going on now.

Stream Station 19 on Hulu.

Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder.

How To Get Away With Murder (Netflix)

Did you think we were done with Shonda Rhimes yet? No, sir, because now we have How To Get Away With Murder, which was executive produced by her. In this series, we follow a group of law students and their professor, played by Viola Davis, as they become involved in a murder plot that could change the course of their lives.

First off, Viola Davis is freaking amazing in How To Get Away With Murder and deserved all the awards for her role. But, secondly, for fans of Grey’s Anatomy, I believe you’ll really like this series because while it’s definitely not as light-hearted as Grey’s can be, you’ll really enjoy the twists that this show offers. I’d say that it’s even more dramatic than Grey’s Anatomy - and that’s saying something.

Stream How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix.

The main cast of House.

House (Peacock)

In House, we follow Dr. Gregory House, an unconventional, misanthropic medical genius who leads a team of diagnosticians at a fictional hospital - while also relying on pain medication to make it through his days.

What I love about House for fans of Grey’s Anatomy is that the cases in this show are absolutely bonkers crazy. You think that some of the cases that show up in Seattle are dramatic? Wait until you watch House. This is a classic medical drama for a reason, and was popular for many, many years with the great House cast, so if you haven’t given it a shot yet, now’s the time to do so. The investigations into these mysterious cases are what make this show tick.

Stream House on Peacock.

Shawn and Gus in Psych.

Psych (Peacock)

The popular crime drama, Psych, is all about a novice sleuth who is hired by the police when he cons them into thinking that he has some sort of psychic powers to help solve crimes. With the help of his best friend, they take on incredibly complicated cases.

Now, I know that Psych might not be entirely like Grey’s Anatomy, but I do feel that fans of the show would enjoy it. The dramatic medical cases on Grey’s often remind me of the crazy crimes that are involved in Psych, but with a humorous twist. It’s a heck of a lot funnier than a lot of other crime series, and has complex friendships and relationships that will remind you of your favorite medical drama. The series spawned several films, and the Psych cast is so much fun - it’s truly a great time to watch.

Stream Psych on Peacock.

Meghan Markle in Suits.

Suits (Amazon Prime)

Suits is set at a fictional law firm in New York City, and follows college dropout Mike Ross, who ends up working as a law associate for Harvey Specter, despite never attending law school prior to working there.

What’s great about this legal drama for fans of Grey’s Anatomy are its cliffhangers - my God are there so many cliffhangers in Suits. It’s like you’re rewatching Grey’s, but instead of it being in a hospital, it’s in a court room, and you’ll be going through episodes like there’s no tomorrow because you’ll enjoy it so much and want to know what happens next. It’s a fun series with a great cast - including Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

Stream Suits on Amazon Prime.

Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor (Hulu)

In The Good Doctor, we follow Shaun Murphy, a young, autistic surgeon with savant syndrome and a troubled past, who relocates to San Jose, California to work at the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

The Good Doctor and Grey’s Anatomy have a lot in common - a shared network, surgeons saving lives, and stories that will make you cry for hours. I am not joking, I’m pretty sure I’ve cried more watching this series with some of the moments that have happened than any other TV show. The Good Doctor not only has a talented cast, but plenty of moments that will be pulling at your heartstrings and bringing tears to your eyes.

Stream The Good Doctor on Hulu.

Some of the main cast of E.R.

E.R. (Hulu)

In E.R., we follow the lives of the emergency room doctors, nurses and staff at the County General Hospital, a fictional trauma center in Chicago, looking at the daily lives of the workers there, and the life-or-death decisions that the staff have to face constantly.

If you have any show to thank for Grey’s Anatomy existing, it’s E.R. With fifteen seasons, complex stories, and a crazy talented E.R. cast, it was one of the most popular medical dramas of all time. Plus, there were guest stars on this show like Jessica Chastain, Aaron Paul, Thandiwe Newton, and so many others. If you’ve never seen E.R., give it a shot. It’s just as dramatic and intense as Grey’s is.

Stream E.R. on Hulu.

The main cast of Scrubs.

Scrubs (Amazon Prime)

In Scrubs, we follow the professional life of John Dorian, a young doctor who is struggling to move his medical career forward as he tries to deal with the hospital’s intense staff, crazy situations, and memorable patients.

For fans of Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs shares a similar medical setting to that series, focusing in on the lives of doctors and surgeons and nurses, but Scrubs is way funnier. It’s one of the best TV comedies out there, in my opinion. Sometimes when you watch a medical show, you don’t need to cry all the time, you know? I feel like with Grey’s, it’s nice to sit down and really enjoy the intensity of it, but sometimes you need a show like Scrubs to chill out with - and it also helps that the Scrubs cast is super funny.

Stream Scrubs on Amazon Prime.

Out of all of these awesome shows, which one are you thinking of binging? Better get to it soon because Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 is premiering soon with the 2021 fall TV schedule - I think I can fit in a good binge of Psych before then. Gotta get started now!

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