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Outlander Season 3 Is Probably Going To Premiere Late
Starz's Outlander is one of the most exciting programs on television right now. Fans can't get enough of the time travel series, but one of the biggest problems with the drama is expecting when to find it on the schedule.
Black Sails Actor Toby Stephens Has Already Landed A New TV Gig
A few months ago, we learned that Starz had cancelled its big budget pirate production Black Sails. Luckily, series lead Toby Stephens already seems to be on to his next adventure---and it's a big one
Outlander Just Cast Two More Key Book Characters
Outlander has been busy getting Season 3 together. We've already learned about some new castings and this morning, the Starz drama cast a couple of other big names from the books.
Why Outlander Is So Difficult To Shoot, According To Ronald D. Moore
Season 3 is gearing up and there's a lot to do. Here's exactly what makes Outlander so complicated to shoot, according to showrunner Ronald D. Moore.
Outlander Season 3 Just Cast Lord John Grey, And He's Not What We Expected
Outlander is gearing up for its third season on Starz, and if you know anything about the third book in the fantasy series Outlander is based on, you should know that a whole slew of brand new characters are going to be introduced.
Relive The Craziest And Goriest Kills From Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1
Bruce Campbell's iconic Ash Williams was back in deadite-demolishing form for the entirety of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1, which featured some of the most splatteriffic kills in horror history. And you can relive a bunch of them in this video from the upcoming Blu-ray.
Outlander Season 3: What We Know So Far
Outlander's second season was a big success for Starz. Although Season 3 isn't coming for a while, we already know a bit about what we can expect from the highly anticipated new episodes.
Why It's OK That Outlander Was Snubbed By The Emmys, According To Starz's CEO
The CEO of Starz recently opened up regarding why Outlander's 2016 Emmy snub doesn't really bother him as a member of the television community.
How Long Bruce Campbell Wants To Play Evil Dead's Ash
Few would return to such a splatteriffic role as Ash after so many years as Bruce Campbell did for Starz's Ash vs Evil Dead. And the actor recently spoke about how long he's willing to take on the iconic horror hero.
Why Pussy Valley Is Going To Be Called Pussy Valley, According To Starz
Starz is one of the many networks announcing upcoming projects this week. One of them happened to be none other than Pussy Valley, a shocker of a title for a drama based on a play.
The Outlander Character Sam Heughan Is Most Excited To Meet
Outlander is currently gearing up to head into Season 3, and is set to follow the events that occur in the third book of Diana Gabaldon's book series. Because of this, we know some highly anticipated characters are about to enter the fold.
The American Gods Trailer Is Visually Stunning, Could Be A Huge Hit
We are getting closer to the Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods coming to our screens, people. We now have an official first look at the show, and, oh my, it looks amazing. Check it out.
How American Gods Will Be Split Into Multiple Seasons
American Gods is getting ready to hit your TV screen, and book fans have been curious how multiple seasons of TV can be gained from just one book. The answer to that is actually pretty simple.
Black Sails Just Got Cancelled, But It’s Not All Bad News
OK, fans of the Starz series Black Sails are going to be disappointed that the show has been cancelled. But, at least we know that the news isn't all bad.
Power Renewed For More Than Just Season 4 By Starz, Get The Details
Fans of the Starz drama Power have plenty of reasons to be excited. Season 3 just debuted with a bang, and now we've heard that the show has already been renewed for Season 4 and Season 5.
Watch The Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2 Trailer That Was Too Gory To Show At Comic-Con
Last year, Ash vs Evil Dead premiered on Starz and gave audiences one of the best horror TV series of all time, and because this is a franchise that ups the ante with each sequel, Season 2 will no doubt be bigger, better and a hell of a lot bloodier. Check out this awesome NSFW trailer.
Outlander Just Confirmed A Major Character Will Be Back For Season 3
Outlander has been renewed for Season 3, a hurrah-worthy renewal, and now that we know the series is moving forward for not just Season 3 but also Season 4, we have a lot of questions about the upcoming episodes, including who will be returning. Now we have some answers.
Why Outlander Is So Much Different Than The Books, According To Ron Moore
Outlander's second season was engaging from start to finish, but the Starz drama did make a lot of changes from Diana Gabaldon's popular series of novels. Here's why Ronald D. Moore says the changes have been made.
How Jamie Will Age In Outlander Season 3, According To Sam Heughan
Outlander just finished out its second season run this weekend, but the Starz drama has already been renewed for Season 3 and the cast is already looking forward to the changes we'll be seeing as the cast ages up for the new episodes.
In Outlander's Season 2 Finale, The Heroes Became The Villains, And The Villains Faded Away
War makes people do strange and sometimes ugly things. Love makes couples also do strange and sometimes ugly things. When the Starz drama chose to couple Jamie Frasier and Claire Frasier's love with Bonnie Prince Charlie's uprising, the results are not what we would have expected from Jamie and Claire a season ago.
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