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9 Struggling TV Shows That Need To Be Renewed
Every year's TV lineup is always filled with creative hits and misses, but it's often the ratings that decide shows' fates. Check out our list of 9 shows that deserve another season!
Why The Blacklist's Lower Ratings Might Not Actually Be A Problem
The Blacklist has had a rough time with ratings on NBC during Season 4. Still, the low live viewing numbers might not be enough to cancel the series for one very big reason.
There's A Wild Fan Theory Running Around About Liz's Mother On The Blacklist
One of The Blacklist's biggest mysteries involves the identity of both Liz's mother and father, and one crazy fan theory aims to answer at least one of those.
Tom's Dad Was Just Signed On To The Blacklist Spinoff, And The Casting Is Perfect
The upcoming Blacklist spin-off has officially cast an actor to play Tom Keene's father, and he's perfect for the part.
Did The Blacklist Finally Reveal The Red And Liz Connection We've All Been Waiting For?
Spoilers if you haven't caught last night's episode of The Blacklist "Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion." This is the fall finale for The Blacklist, and as expected, it was a doozy of an episode.
13 Big Shows That May Get Cancelled This Season
We've compiled a list of the shows that are already doing poor ratings over at the major networks. I have to say, these shows are all pulling numbers that are not enviable.
Ratings Roundup: Which TV Shows Need To Improve Very Quickly
It's sort of amazing that we have reached November and no network has outright cancelled a series, yet. However, some shows are not doing well, at all, at this point.
Ratings Roundup: The Best And The Worst For Each Major Network So Far
There are some fall shows that are faring way better than others, and we've decided to compile a list of network TV's best and worst to give you a taste of which of your favorite shows are doing well and which aren't
The Blacklist: Why Red Made The Decision To Shoot That Character
Spoilers if you haven't caught Thursday's episode of The Blacklist yet. If you haven't watch, feel free to click out of this story and check out one of our other exciting articles.
The Blacklist Just Made Liz's Life A Lot More Complicated
It has been an extremely long summer for fans of The Blacklist still reeling from the insanity of Season 3's later episodes. and the Season 4 premiere made it all worth it.
2016 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
Following this year's lengthy list of cancellations, the major networks have a bunch of new series on the calendar including both comedies and dramas. Check out the new shows and more with our full fall TV premiere schedule.
Will Liz Appear On The Blacklist More Often In Season 4? Here's What The Creator Says
The Blacklist should win some kind of award for how the creative team embraced actress Megan Boone's pregnancy leave by spinning it into narrative gold. But can fans expect to see her back for good in Season 4?
How The Blacklist Is Preparing For Tom's Move To The Spinoff
Major changes are on the horizon as The Blacklist prepares to ship Tom Keen off to star in the upcoming spinoff. The big question has been of what will drive Tom away from Elizabeth and their daughter.
The Blacklist Season 4 Is Bringing Back A Great Character, Here's How It's Happening
The Blacklist has featured some heartbreaking deaths and departures over the years, but it's also showed that characters that leave aren't always gone forever no matter how they go. A great character will return in Season 4 and possibly change the entire game.
Wait, Is The Blacklist Season 4 Villain Not Who We Thought?
Viewers got to watch The Blacklist drop some huge twists in Season 3 that will completely change things for Season 4. And one of those twists happened to involve someone that we were assuming would become the big bad next season. But...
How Red Feels About Liz's Big Blacklist Twist, According To James Spader
The Blacklist is a show where the plot twists always seem get even twistier. One of the biggest shockers of Season 3 revolves around a major decision made by Liz, and here how James Spader says Red feels.
Why The Blacklist Needed That Huge Twist To Move The Story Forward
In the latter chunk of Season 3, The Blacklist has been operating at a plot twist level of “Xeroxed R.L. Stine” and tonight’s season finale went for broke. Here's how tonight's twist was needed to go forward.
8 TV Shows That Make Us All Root For The Bad Guy
Who needs the straight and narrow road when there’s a path of twisted morals and murky motivation? To pay tribute to the villains who bring the very best entertainment, check out our list of 8 current TV shows that make us root for the bad guy.
Cancelled Or Renewed? The 2016 Network Rundown Of What's Coming Back And What's Not
By this spring, the networks will make some big decisions on whether or not some of our favorites will get renewals, and for now we are keeping tabs on what shows are cancelled, which are renewed and which at least have received full season orders.
NBC Fall 2016 Schedule Announced, Shifts Blindspot and The Blacklist
NBC revealed their Fall 2016 lineup today, giving us a look at how the week will play out over at the Peacock. Returning this fall are Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., along with The Voice, Grimm, Blindspot and others. Joining the schedule are This is Us, The Good Place and Timeless.

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