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Snowpiercer May Be The Next Movie To Become A TV Series
It appears that the 2013 train-based, post-apocalyptic thriller, Snowpiercer, may soon become the next major movie to receive a small screen adaptation. Get the details!
Murder In The First Canceled By TNT, Will Not Return For Season 4
News broke this week that TNT has cancelled another one of its staple programs. This time the victim is Murder in the First, the drama starring Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson as two homicide detectives who have looked into a different case each season.
Criminal Minds Creator's New Show Is Finally Moving Forward, Get The Details
Jeff Davis created Criminal Minds back in 2005, and it's still a big draw for CBS. He then created Teen Wolf for MTV, where it's getting a sixth and final season. Davis finally has his new show coming, but will it be as successful?
The Last Ship Renewed For Season 4 By TNT
TNT's The Last Ship is perfect summer fare for any who love action, adventure, and some good old-fashioned viral apocalypse. Season 3 is currently on the air, and TNT has found reason to order a Season 4 already.
Why TNT And TBS Plan To Keep Cutting Ads
It looks like TNT and TBS plan on seriously cutting down on the number of commercials during original broadcasts, and the rationale sounds beneficial for viewers and networks alike.
TNT Is Switching Back To Procedurals, Here's What We Know
The cable landscape has been changing at a rapid pace in recent years and the various channels have struggled to find ways to keep up. Now, TNT is doing a major backtrack.
How The New Tales From The Crypt Will Be Unlike Anything Else On TV
Tales From the Crypt has the potential to be one of the best reboots of the last couple of years. Now, the show is taking a big step to guarantee that it will be unlike anything else on TV.
TNT Postpones The Last Ship Premiere After Orlando's Gay Bar Shooting
In the wake of tragedy, it's often hard to continue daily responsibilities, which includes the duties of broadcast television. TNT seems to be taking this very seriously, as they have just announced the postponement of their popular apocalyptic drama The Last Ship.
Wow, Here's How Huge The Thunder-Warriors Game 7 Ratings Were For TNT
While the ratings for NBA games weren’t too hot when the current season started, they definitely got better as the standout teams made their way to the playoffs, and the Warriors/Thunder Game 7 brought in some record-breaking ratings for TNT.
Tales From The Crypt Is Moving Forward To Series On An Unlikely Network
Something this modern era of horror TV lacks that earlier television decades excelled at is a good assortment of spooky anthology series across the schedule. But now a new Tales from the Crypt is coming.
What The New Tales From The Crypt Will Look Like
The TV Remake Revolution is alive and well, but there’s one particular reboot coming that is only as healthy as the freshest cadaver. I’m speaking of TNT’s upcoming Tales from the Crypt. M. Night Shyamalan came out with some details clearing up what fans can expect to see.
Could The Teen Titans Show Up Elsewhere On TV? Here's What We Know
Live action adaptations of comics have found their niche in primetime television. One set of super cool superheroes that won’t be getting their new show as expected is, sadly, the Teen Titans. Luckily, all hope is not necessarily lost.
What The Tales From The Crypt Reboot Is Changing
When TNT announced last week that they were rebooting the early ‘90s cult phenomenon Tales from the Crypt, horror fans from all over rejoiced. Now, though, it looks like TNT, and executive producer M. Night Shyamalan, have some big plans for changing the style of the beloved show.
How TNT Is Changing Commercial Breaks In A Huge Way
When former Fox exec Kevin Reilly was brought in as the new Chief Creative Officer for TNT and sister network TBS, he made it clear that he wanted to make big changes. His latest idea involves changing up the commercial-sphere.
Rizzoli And Isles Is Ending After Season 7
Back in July, TNT ultimately opted to give Rizzoli & Isles a renewal for Season 7, which seemed like a no-brainer, as the show was reaching more than 11 million total viewers if you are counting all of the platforms TNT makes the series available on.
The Teen Titans Show Isn't Happening, Here's What We Know
After first announced as being in development for cable network TNT in late 2014, news has been light on Titans’ development. 16 months after it was first revealed, it’s now official: the show is not moving forward.
Tales From The Crypt Is Being Revived, Get The Spooky Details
Horror television is something we will probably always see. Shows like The Twilight Zone helped the genre gain lots of ground, and current shows like Ash vs Evil Dead and American Horror Story, horror lovers still have shows to look forward to on TV. Now, though, it looks like another horror television show, this one from days’ past, is coming to our screens.
You Know Whose Ratings Are Really Down? The NBA's
In 2014, ESPN and TNT showcased their faith in the NBA’s popularity on the small screen by laying down a nine-year $24 billion deal. But here we are, a year later, and the numbers aren't looking good.
The Librarians And Two More Just Got Renewed By TNT
Cancellations and renewals are finally upon us once again! It looks like TNT has gone ahead and renewed their hit series The Librarians along with two others. Get the details here!
Sean Bean's Legends And 2 More Canceled By TNT
Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s hard to keep up positive appearances when your TV show has just been canceled. It was a cancel-happy day at TNT, as the network brought the ax down on Legends and two more shows.
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