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The battle for Alexander has been fought and Oliver Stone has won. Originally, both he and flamboyant director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) were on a collision course, with competing and simultaneous efforts focusing on the limp-wristed conqueror. But Baz got delayed while Stone got his made. Luhrmann’s much more interesting style may still tackle the Grecian Adonis in a few years, but for 2004 Stone is the man on top.

His project stars sexual superman Collin Farrell (who wishes he could trade that “a” for an “e’ and thus be Will’s brother) as Alexander the Great (not to be confused with Wayne Gretzky), military and political genius who conquered the known world in the name of Greece while still a young and sexually ambiguous young man. Showing up in a small supporting role is Angelina Jolie as Alexander’s MILF mommy. I’d rather see her doing something vaguely sexual than playing nurse-maid to Collin. Or is that in itself somehow sexual? Regardless, Angie is best when she lets her hair down and gets sensual, and I’d be surprised if a bit role in Alexander gives much chance to do that.

The trailer here is nothing special. Farrell is in a creepy blonde wig and a lot of Troy style conquering oozes off the screen. The highlight is a shot that would be most comfortable some Friday night on the Fox, networkhome of “Man vs. Bear”. They’d no doubt love the chance to pus the eye popping spectacle of horse vs. elephant. Sadly, Stone has already beat them to the punch.

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