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THE DESCENT is Neil Marshall’s hotly anticipated follow up to his 2002 hit DOG SOLDIERS. Directed by Marshall from his own script, it tells the story of an all-female caving expedition that goes horribly wrong, and stars Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, Nora-Jane Noone and Myanna Buring. Set in a cave system deep in the Appalachian Mountains, Marshall describes his film as ‘DELIVERANCE goes underground’.

One year after a tragic accident, six girlfriends meet in a remote part of the Appalachians for their annual caving trip. Deep below the surface of the earth, disaster strikes when a rock falls and blocks their route back to the surface. The girls soon learn that Juno, the thrill-seeking leader of the expedition, has brought them to an unexplored cave and that as a result no knows where they are to come rescue them. The group splinters and each push on, praying for another exit. But there is something else lurking under the earth – a race of monstrous humanoid creatures that are adapted perfectly to life in the dark. As the friends realize they are now prey, they are forced to unleash their most primal instincts in an all-out war against an unspeakable horror – one that attacks without warning, again and again and again.

As the others battle for their lives, Sarah (Macdonald), still recovering from a mental collapse brought on by the recent deaths of her family, is fighting for her sanity. When old secrets are revealed, the friends turn on one another, causing the group to implode. Betrayed and desperate, Sarah realizes that to make it back to the surface, she must become as savage as the creatures themselves.

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Descent previews May 27, 2016 Descent In Descent, acclaimed actress Rosario Dawson plays the most controversial character of her career: a promising college student who becomes bent on seeking revenge after a shocking act of violence is committed on her. The feature debut of co-writer/ director/producer Talia Lugacy, Descent is a film that unnervingly tackles some of the country’s most taboo subjects.
Descent Sequel Hits Kickstarter After 16 Years games Mar 16, 2015 Will Usher Descent Sequel Hits Kickstarter After 16 Years Eric “Wingman” Peterson is back and he's bringing a group of veteran space sim developers with him. Why is Peterson back? Well, because he's working on a brand new Descent game using today's software technology.
Descent Remade In UDK games Nov 11, 2012 Will Usher Descent Remade In UDK Curious how a new-generation of the 1994, cavern-shooter Descent would look? Well look no further than the Unreal Development Kit community project to bring Interplay's six-degree shooter into today's generation of high-end computer gaming. Headed up by Mad Max, the Descent to UDK remake is gathering up helpers and community folk right now.
Descent Coming To Wii games Apr 16, 2010 Descent Coming To Wii Interplay announced that they're porting another one of their old games to a current gen platform. With help from independent studio G1M2, they're creating a WiiWare version of Descent.

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