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Fantastic Fest Final Day: The Innkeepers, Urban Explorer, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

The Innkeepers is tonally a far cry from director Ti West’s last Fantastic Fest entry House of the Devil. But the differences are all a welcome change of pace. The film functions more as an offbeat romantic comedy than a horror film for much of the runtime. The relationship between Luke and Claire is so familiar, so organic, that the dialogue flows between them with ease

Fantastic Fest Day 7: Livid, The Corridor, Paranormal Activity 3

As a big fan of the franchise, I was looking forward to the third installment and was delighted when it was added as a Fantastic Fest secret screening. For a good portion of the film, it was delivering exactly what I was expecting with a few impressive new elements thrown in.

Fantastic Fest Day 6: Haunters, Rabies, The Devil's Business

Israel’s first genre film effort is a triumph right out of the gate. Rabies exists in a perpetual state of suspense and excitement. Despite its deceptive title, the characters do exhibit drastic changes spurred by rage that creates monsters out of good people. The film travels through a series of intertwining stories that intertwine as violently as those in Pulp Fiction.

Fantastic Fest Day 5: Knuckle, Kill Me Please, Two Eyes Staring

Kill Me Please is a hilarious film that at every turn makes you feel horrible about yourself for laughing. It is the epitome of black comedy that celebrates the futility of life and the absurdity of death. The choice to shoot the film in black-and-white and its introspective, talky opening laced with ennui may lose a few folks right out of the gate.

Fantastic Fest Day 4: Borderline, Take Shelter, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Borderline is a rather average comedy operating under the mechanics of a farce. The characters are contrived, but the authentic performances of Damiens and Arbillot rescue the protagonists from being completely unlikable. That being said, the central conceit of the film is a tough pill to swallow. David makes the decision to sell the cocaine within minutes of discovering it

Fantastic Fest Day 3: Retreat, The Day, And You're Next Reviewed

Fantastic Fest is still going in Austin, Texas, and our intrepid reporter Brian Salisbury is bringing us the highlights of what he's seen at the world's largest festival dedicated to genre movies. For everything else Brian has been up to, check out all of his reports

Fantastic Fest Review: Juan of the Dead

Juan of the Dead comes roaring out of the gate and makes Cuba’s first entry into Fantastic Fest one of the best of the festival. Director Alejandro Brugues talked about making the film specifically for the audiences of this festival and using his illicitly procured Internet service—it is still illegal to have the Internet in Cuba—to research all requisite zombie cinema which he then spent years tracking down and watching.

Fantastic Fest Day 1: Blind, Sleepless Night, And Polvora Negra

Once a year, a whirlwind of cinephilia known as Fantastic Fest rolls into Austin, Texas. Now in its seventh year, Fantastic Fest has grown from a weekend of esoteric film appreciation to one of the premier film festivals in the country. As we make our way through the tumbleweeds, the booze, and the menagerie of genre films, we will be bringing you updates on what we saw.

TIFF Favorite Sleepless Night Acquired By Warner Brothers For Remake

These days it seems that studios are watching film fests like hawks, waiting to pluck anything with even the slightest buzz and fast-track it for a remake. Such is the case with TIFF favorite Sleepless Night.

Jackie Earle Haley To Square Off Against Honest Abe In Spielberg's Lincoln

This is shaping up to be a phenomenal cast. Jackie Earle Haley joins similarly tri-named stars like Daniel Day-Lewis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, and Tim Blake Nelson as well as Sally Field, James Spader, and David Strathairn. It’s dizzying to try and comprehend the magnitude of collective talent in this film.

Trey Parker And Matt Stone Say Hold Your Horses On The Book Of Mormon Movie

They sat down with Matt and Trey and asked them about the pending big screen adaptation. Trey indicated that, while they would like to do one eventually, they want to continue to let it thrive on stage and have no imminent plans to do a feature film

Meg Foster Will Lead A Coven In Rob Zombie's The Lords Of Salem

eg Foster is a fantastic casting decision. She will play the leader of the witch coven who menaces the town. Foster is a mainstay of cult films such as Masters of the Universe, They Live, and Blind Fury. She also has the most striking eyes in cinema history so she should have no problem entrancing the townsfolk of Salem. This sepia tone photo unfortunately does these eyes little justice

TIFF Knockout The Raid Getting An American Remake

The film was the only Midnight Madness entry to have distribution before TIFF, so was it the tremendous audience reaction that inspired Screen Gems to remake the film, or was that the intention from the moment Sony Pictures WA purchased it? I only hope the original film is allowed to make the rounds theatrically now that the remake has been announced

Justin Lin May Be Back In For Terminator 5

The new owner of the rights to The Terminator, Annapurna Films, is so eager to get the franchise back on its feet that they want to put two new entries into production at the close of 2012. But if Annapurna Films is willing to halt production on the new films until Lin finishes The Fast and the Furious 6, he is willing to return to direct.

DiCaprio, Cooper And The Killing's Joel Kinnaman Among The Many Considered For The Man From U.N.C.L.E

Warner Brothers is pushing Soderbergh to consider big names like Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Hamm, Russell Crowe, and Robert Pattinson. So basically, the studio is throwing a phone book’s worth of Hollywood A-listers at Steven, hoping something sticks.

Red Band Trailer For Goon Wants To Knock Your Teeth In

We’ve got a hockey comedy that plays up the game’s violent nature to the point that it’s almost portrayed as brutal slapstick; something reminiscent of the legendary Slap Shot from 1977. We also have that great underdog storyline of a guy who has never played the sport before but demonstrates a knack for some element of the game in other facets of life, in this case fighting.

Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights Trailer Is Strangely Creepy

If you're unfamiliar with Emily Bronte’s immortal classic Wuthering Heights, the trailer for the brand new film incarnation… is not going to help you fill in the blanks. The new film version is directed by Andrea Arnold, who won an Academy Award for her 2003 short film Wasp

More Dark Knight Rises Set Videos Show Bats Setting The Streets Ablaze

How could anyone not be excited to see this movie?! These clips would suggest that Nolan will once again be incorporating a vehicular showdown into his Batman story. But the question remains, who is going to be driving that ill-fated truck?

James Franco To Adapt Cormac McCarthy's Child Of God

Is Franco hoping to recapture some of the No Country for Old Men magic and/or critical acclaim? Is he eager to be recognized as much for his directorial prowess as his acting? It sounds like a stretch to assume so, but his attachment to this novel was a bit haphazard.

New Clip From Dream House Shows The Darker Side Of Graffiti

The trailer for the film seemed to carry trappings of The Amityville Horror with the young family menaced by the sins of their new home’s past. Now this clip, featuring a terrifying discovery via backwards writing seen through a mirror, is reminiscent of The Shining. Not to say the film is unoriginal; it’s actually fun to chart these influences.

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