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Contestant On German Reality Show Paints Butt, Eats Sausages With Not Her Mouth In NSFW Performance
Joker Box Office: The DC Film (Probably) Wins A Really Tight Race Against Maleficent

It was a pretty muted weekend at the box office, as none of the major films were able to put up big numbers, but the competition has still remained interesting thanks to a particularly close battle for the top spot.

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So, I Think DC Has A Brighter Movies Future Than Marvel

Earlier this week, I told a few co-workers I think DC’s long-term outlook at the movies is more promising than Marvel’s. To say this opinion was poorly received would be an understatement.

Any Joker Easter Eggs Are Mistakes Or The Art Department Trolling Todd Phillips

If comments on social media and in various places on this particular website are any indication, a healthy number of people have gone back to see Joker a second time.

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Jexi Review: Hey Jexi, Can I Buy Tickets To A Different Movie?

All I really know is I did not like Jexi, and it’s hard for me to imagine many other people will.

Walton Goggins Asked CBS For A Major Change To The Unicorn

The line between funny and exploitive when it comes to comedy about difficult subject matter is often soft and fuzzy. There are no specific rules as to what’s in bounds or appropriate. In fact, some of the best comedies ever start from topics most people wouldn’t be comfortable joking about.

Lorne Michaels’ Emmy Speech Referencing Farley And Sandler Was Wonderful

Creator Lorne Michaels accepted the award for everyone who worked on the show, and while doing so, he dropped a really classy and pretty brief speech that reminded me of why I love the show so much.

Anyone Else Feel Weird About The Game Of Thrones Spoilers In The Emmy Montage?

Alright, I need a sanity check here. I’m watching the Emmys, and they just dropped a fun little montage highlighting some of the biggest nominees.

Umm, Zack Morris Is The California Governor In The Saved By The Bell Reboot?

I’m not sure the world was clamoring for more Bayside Hijinks (see what I did there?), but now that the show is on the table, I’m interested in seeing what the gang is up to.

Why Robert Downey Jr Deserves An Oscar For Avengers: Endgame, According To Joe Russo

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few days about Joker’s surprise win at the Venice Film Festival, but don’t expect that to be the only superhero/ comic book movie to make noise during award season.

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How Homicide Hunter's Joe Kenda Went From Detective To TV Star

Over the past decade, television shows and documentaries recounting and sometimes investigating real life murders have grown exponentially in popularity.

Why You Can’t Binge The New Great British Baking Show Season On Netflix

True story. Yesterday, I was minding my own business, enjoying a lovely Sunday, when my wife and I threw on Netflix and saw a new season of The Great British Baking Show. I said, “I guess the rest of our day is planned.” But no. Turns out it was not...

Wild Theory: What If The Spider-Man Break-Up Is Just A Brilliant Scheme?

I have no insider knowledge. I’m not the guy who knows important people or gets text messages with hot tips. I just have a wild theory based on nothing but business-related hunches, and I feel compelled to share it with the world.

Disney Reveals Its 'Secret Project', And It's Not Exactly Space Mountain

The so-called “Secret Project” has been a fertile source of theories and conversations among hardcore Disney fans since it was added to the D23 schedule at the beginning of August. It was given its own panel, and fans were told the subject would be announced on August 22nd.

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Whoops, MoviePass May Have Left Credit Card Information For Thousands Of Subscribers Exposed

MoviePass hasn’t had the best run of press lately. Now it’s getting hit with new allegations that it may have left the credit card information of some of its subscribers exposed and without encryption.

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What It's Like Working With Shia LaBeouf, According To The Peanut Butter Falcon Directors

Shia LaBeouf might not be George Clooney-level famous, but there are still few actors in Hollywood that attract as much attention and interest

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The True Stories And References In Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The movie is absolutely wonderful, and while you don’t need an encyclopedia of old Hollywood to follow the plot, some knowledge does help.

We All Love Thor 4's Title, Right?

There was a Marvel Hall H panel at Comic-Con today, which means there has been an incessant stream of news coming out. From huge castings to meaty information on the Disney+ shows, it’s been a lot, but honestly, to me, all of it is overshadowed by the title of Thor 4

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2019 Comic-Con Cosplay Photos Include Funko Pops And A Really Cute Dog

You can take a look at some of the best photos we got today down below. Some of my favorites included Jessica Rabbit, an A+ balloon animal and the giant Funko Pops, including the one at the top of the article. Well played, everyone. We hope you had fun.

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Some Of The Best 2019 Comic-Con Cosplay Pictures So Far

When most people talk about Comic-Con, they talk about the panels, specifically the panels featuring celebrity talent and often the first appearance of footage from upcoming movies and television shows.

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