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Netflix May Be Changing Its Mind On Theatrical Runs

A few weeks ago, Netflix shocked many Hollywood insiders by securing more Emmy nominations than HBO. Now, the streaming giant is reportedly setting its sights on The Academy Awards.

Some Of The Best 2018 Comic-Con Pictures So Far
Confession: I Went To See Hotel Artemis Thinking It Was A Kids Movie About A Clock
Westworld Might Have A New Best Character
How Late Is Too Late To Bring Little Kids To The Movies?
Where Do You Stand On Going To The Movies Alone?
Westworld Explained Why The Hosts Were Kept In The Same Narrative Loops
People Ask Alan Cumming To Do The Romy And Michele Dance At Their Weddings
Where Do You Stand On People Talking During Movie Previews?

During the previews, however, there doesn't seem to be any social norms a high percentage of us have agreed on. Instead, there seems to be three distinct camps.

Why Dolores And Teddy’s Westworld Relationship Is Headed To A Dark Place

This article obviously contains some spoilers. It also could contain huge spoilers if I'm right, but I don't actually know that yet.

Does Forrest Gump Suck?

We can't stop arguing about this. So, please settle the debate once and for all.

Avengers Box Office: Another Weekend, Another Resounding Victory

Are you sitting down? I have some big news, and I want to make sure you don't strike your head on something after you fall over from the shock of what I'm about to say. You know Avengers?

What Genre Christopher Nolan Thinks Each Of His Batman Movies Belongs To

The movies in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy might tell one cohesive story, but compared to most sequels, there are many more differences in tone, direction and structure.

Comcast Reportedly Has A Plan To Top Disney's Offer And Buy Fox

We've all been treating the Disney and FOX deal as if it's signed, sealed and delivered, but smashing together two companies of those sizes isn't an easy or timely process.

Avengers: Infinity War's Most Searched Characters On Pornhub

Some of these searches I get. Some of them I DO NOT.

A Deadpool 2 Promotion Is Selling Tickets For 4 Bucks

If you like Deadpool and you like good deals, maybe click on this story.

A Quiet Place Box Office: Another Big Weekend For John Krasinski's Horror Movie

It was a far better weekend than expected for throwback sequel Super Troopers 2, but as with the past two weekends, the bulk of the conversation will start and end with John Krasinski's unstoppable horror movie A Quiet Place.

Austin Powers Actor Verne Troyer Is Dead At 49

The Austin Powers star was just forty-nine-years-old.

The Oscars Led To More Porn Searches About Jennifer Lawrence And Of Course, Kumail Nanjiani

Millions of people tuned into the Academy Awards on Sunday night to watch The Shape Of Water take home Best Picture honors. Many millions more did not, though apparently among those people who did not, quite a few still used the Oscars as pornography inspiration

Black Panther Box Office: There's A Party Going On Over At Marvel

We all knew Black Panther was going to be big. Every first weekend opening of a Marvel movie is some fashion of big.

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