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Ralph Breaks The Internet Box Office: Solid Numbers For The Sequel

Three star-studded new movies featuring popular, well-known characters opened this weekend. Both Ralph Breaks The Internet and Creed II outperformed their predecessors. Unfortunately, Hollywood's latest attempt to making Robin Hood...

What Michael B Jordan Thinks About Black Panther's Oscar Chances

With the Oscars on the horizon, Black Panther stars are starting to get questioned about potential nominations, what they would mean and whether the film needs to perform with Academy Awards voters to truly get to the next level of legitimacy.

The Santa Clause Opening Was Originally Way Darker But Disney's Chairman Said No

How did this movie come out 24 years ago? We all got old.

Fantastic Beasts 2 Box Office: Grindelwald Easily Wins The Weekend

Looks like audiences knew where to find the beasts. Nailed that joke.

The Gross Part About Wearing A Corset, According To Emma Stone
Robert De Niro's Tribeca Office Evacuated After Police Reportedly Find Bomb

A New York City building housing Robert De Niro's film and television production company, Tribeca Enterprises, as well as the actor's restaurant, Tribeca Grill, was evacuated after a suspicious package was discovered at 4:45 this morning.

Chris Pine Knows You're Talking About His Penis, Is Reading The Tweets
It's Always Sunny Star Glenn Howerton Reveals A Regret About A Past Episode

He doesn't have many regrets, but this is one of them.

Wait, Could Avengers 4 Have A More Dangerous Villain Than Thanos?

Marvel is always pretty guarded when it comes to movie secrets.

Watch Seth Meyers Bring Back ‘Really!?!’ On SNL’s Weekend Update

Seth Meyers returned last night and brought one of his most popular segments.

Spawn's Todd McFarlane Says He Wants Movie That'll Make Little Kids Cry

Not to pick on any specific movie, but I think McFarlane's larger frustration here isn't necessarily with the end results as much as some of the things directors and producers say while films are being made.

Disneyland Has Finally Brought Back The Infinity Gauntlet Sipper
Katt Williams Claims Kevin Hart Brought Up Tiffany Haddish Beef To Sell Night School Tickets

Katt Williams has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind, even if what's in there is a negative thought or two about another celebrity. Lately, some of those negative musings have been about Kevin Hart.

Watch Matt Damon Show Up On Saturday Night Live To Play Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Saturday Night Live cast members might be known for their goofy and sometimes spot-on impressions of celebrities, but now and again, the legendary late night show decides to go outside its group of Not Ready For Primetime Players and bring in a ringer.

Criminal Minds Will Bring Back One Of Its Best Villains For Episode 300
Ex-CBS CEO Les Moonves Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations

He's been accused of assault and sexual misconduct by six women.

Game Of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Makes A Lot Of Money Per Episode

We also now know how many final season episode he'll appear in.

The MCU's Idris Elba Has No Idea What The MCU Is

We only have so much space in our brains.

Big Brother's JC Mounduix Caught Touching A Contestant While He Was Sleeping
NBC Cut To The Most Awkward Thing Possible After Its Report On John McCain's Death
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