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The Best Picture Oscar Nominees, Ranked By Their Chance At Winning

This is, without question, the most wide open field I can ever remember at the Oscars. There are five movies I'd legitimately consider putting money down on, if given enticing odds, and I have absolutely no idea who is going to end up winning. It's utter chaos, and I love it.

Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Was Almost A Very Different Show

Its basic structure wasn't clear initially and the producer behind the breakout hit originally considered taking it in some very different directions.

Why Ellen Pompeo Is OK With Sandra Oh Not Returning To Grey's Anatomy Yet

You'd probably think lead Ellen Pompeo would be clamoring for her former co-star Sandra Oh to return, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

Is America's Got Talent Replacing 3 Of Its Judges?

Howie Mandel has been on board since Season 5, Heidi Klum and Mel B since Season 8 and Simon Cowell since Season 11. If the latest rumors are to be believed, however, that all could be about to change.

How The Sopranos' Creator David Chase Originally Wanted The Show To End

Some love the ambiguity. Some feel like fans were deprived of a real ending. Turns out, even the original ending Sopranos creator David Chase had in mind would have probably caused the same split reaction.

Heads Up, My Mom Walked Out Of Holmes And Watson

Now, I don't want what I'm about to say to come off as a commentary on my mother's likes and dislikes. She's (usually) a classy person with (pretty) good taste...

Chrissy Teigen Kicked Off 2019 By Running Into An Umbrella On Live TV

In a weird way, this hilarious television mess-up is actually a good reminder of why Chrissy Teigen is a good fit for live events. You have to have the ability to laugh at yourself and just move on.

When Stranger Things Season 3 Is Finally Premiering

Once upon a time, when the world was a simpler place without streaming and without premium cable shows, it was a hell of a lot easier to predict when your favorite TV show would be coming back.

Aquaman Box Office: DC's Latest Keeps Rolling

Make up your own water-related pun and imagine it's written out here.

When David Letterman Left The Late Show, Chris Elliott Cried

David Letterman, particularly in his early years, cultivated a reputation for eccentricity and unpredictability, but even amidst the chaos he brought to late night television, he was also very loyal.

Kevin Spacey Releases Frank Underwood Video, Asks Fans Not To Rush To Judgment

A little more than a year after disappearing from the public eye following allegations of sexual misconduct, Kevin Spacey made a surprise return yesterday in the form of a Facebook video

How Much Money Welcome To Marwen May Lose At The Box Office

It's no secret that Hollywood has largely abandoned making pretty expensive movies. A high percentage of films are now either relatively cheap to produce or very expensive.

Reno 911 Cast Reunites To Film Sex Dungeon PSA

There are a lot of cop shows. Some play into how stressful and dangerous the job can be. Some play into how mentally taxing and difficult the job can be...

CBS' MacGyver Is Dealing With A Lawsuit Thanks To The Original Show

Hollywood might still be excited about reboots, remakes and spinoffs, but there are complications that come from using an existing property as a jumping off point. Specifically, there are potential complications when it comes to rights and residuals.

A League Of Their Own Director Penny Marshall Is Dead At 75

Penny Marshall was a good actress, a great director and one of a kind personality. She took chances. She fought for what she believed in, and she did it all with a great sense of humor.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Box Office: Solid Numbers For The Sequel

Three star-studded new movies featuring popular, well-known characters opened this weekend. Both Ralph Breaks The Internet and Creed II outperformed their predecessors. Unfortunately, Hollywood's latest attempt to making Robin Hood...

What Michael B Jordan Thinks About Black Panther's Oscar Chances

With the Oscars on the horizon, Black Panther stars are starting to get questioned about potential nominations, what they would mean and whether the film needs to perform with Academy Awards voters to truly get to the next level of legitimacy.

The Santa Clause Opening Was Originally Way Darker But Disney's Chairman Said No

How did this movie come out 24 years ago? We all got old.

Fantastic Beasts 2 Box Office: Grindelwald Easily Wins The Weekend

Looks like audiences knew where to find the beasts. Nailed that joke.

The Gross Part About Wearing A Corset, According To Emma Stone
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