With Christopher Nolan still keeping his mouth closed regarding the sequel to The Dark Knight, it's understandable that you need a Batman fix. Fortunately, Warner Bros. is here to help with their line of DC Universe Animated Original films. The eighth entry of the series, Batman: Under The Red Hood, isn't out until July 27, 2010, but much like methadone to a heroin addict, a new clip has arrived to ease the pain.

Clocking in at 54-seconds, the clip features Batman confronting a new character in Gotham City - the Red Hood. While Batman has spent years trying to spread fear in the hearts of those that wish to do harm, the Red Hood has stood by and watched as some simply won't stop. But while Batman has an ethical code, the Red Hood doesn't and has realized that you cannot stop crime, you can only control it.

Featuring the voices of Bruce Greenwood, Jason Isaacs, Neil Patrick Harris and Jensen Ackles, the film will be released as a special edition Blu-ray, 2-disc DVD and single disc DVD. Check out the clip below.

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