According to The Hollywood Reporter, Starz will be embracing the internet to help build buzz for a new science fiction project entitled The Resistance. The concept began as a web series created by a chap named Adrian Picardi. Aaron Lam, an executive for Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures stumbled across trailers for the project and was impressed enough to track Picardi down via Facebook. In a turn of events that will set many a film student frothing with envy, Lam convinced Starz to pony up some cash to turn The Resistance into a sort of one-off pilot, which combines the webisodes back-to-back into a 35-minute block, and also includes behind-the-scenes footage.

The Resistance will get an October 4th airing -- oddly enough -- not on Starz, but on Syfy. This one-night run will be accompanied by an all-out multimedia blitz, with the pilot ep being split into two parts and distributed via iTunes, Xbox, Playstation Network, Amazon, Hulu, and other platforms. If the project gets positive buzz, Starz may expand it into a full series. Hey, it makes a helluva lot more sense than greenlighting 22 episodes and then cancelling it three episodes in.

You can check out the site for the web series right here, and you can watch the stylish trailer for the show below. Keen-eyed fans of Spartacus: Blood and Sand might recognize the actress Katrina Law, although to be fair you might not since she's fully dressed this time.

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