Love Denzel Washington? A fan of Tony Scott's trademark over-the-top action? Think the new Captain Kirk is kind of dreamy? If you answered yes to any of those, you've got a train to catch. Tony Scott's runaway-train thriller Unstoppable is pulling into the station on Blu-ray and DVD today, and we're giving away three DVD copies to celebrate, courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Having grossed almost $170 million worldwide, it seems like Unstoppable is ripe for a sequel. I recommend they take the Speed 2 route and just drop Denzel and Chris Pine onto a different runaway contraption, sit back, and let the magic happen. To enter the contest, just click over and leave a comment on our Facebook fan page. Tell us what out-of-control vehicle you think Denzel and Pine should stop in the sequel, and we'll pick our three favorite winners. The contest closes at 5 p.m. PST Tuesday, February 22nd, so enter today!

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