Emily Blunt didn’t pick a Wild Target playing Elise Sellas in The Adjustment Bureau. The action/science fiction/thriller/romance/jack-of-all-trades of a film also features Matt Damon in yet another role that involves both brain and brawn. Apparently society is down, because The Adjustment Bureau raked in over $111 million worldwide. If you didn’t manage to see it in theaters, you won’t have to wait too long, because The Adjustment Bureau is hitting Blu-Ray and DVD on June 21st.

The Adjustment Bureau differs from past Damon roles by entwining an entertaining and emotional love story with the action. Damon handles the new challenge admirably. So admirably, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has even included a “Destined to Be” featurette addressing the topic included with both the Blu-Ray and DVD releases. This won’t be the only extra, thankfully. You'll also get deleted and extended scenes with interviews, along with commentary from director George Nolfi, and a segment explaining Emily Blunt’s training as a ballet dancer. I’m just guessing, but Blunt’s dance choreographer probably won’t pull a Black Swan-Sarah Lane bitchfest.

While that seems like an ample amount of extras, the Blu-Ray will also include Universal’s My Movies, various applications including Pocket Blu and BD Live, and an interactive Adjustment Bureau portal map of New York. If you haven’t seen the film, it may feel like a risk to buy a copy. Go ahead, pull a Matt Damon and live a little.

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