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American Graffiti Finally Goes Blu

Good news for American Graffiti fans: the film, which was George Lucas’ first box office success way back in 1973, is coming to Blu-Ray on May 31st. The last new release of the film was over a decade ago on DVD and VHS, so this will be its first "Blu" release. I’m going to go ahead and pull an Anne Hathaway-at-the-Oscars and treat you to a "personal moment." My copy of American Graffiti got too scratched a year ago and I had to toss it. I’ve been contenting myself with my vinyl copy of the soundtrack ever since, waiting for a Blu-Ray release before I could return Graffiti to its place between American Beauty and American Splendor in my collection. Universal Studios really understands me.

With the Blu-Ray release, there will be the ever-more-popular BD-Live and Pocket Blu app, as well as a feature called U-control. The U-control space will have video commentary from Lucas himself, as well as a segment on the music in the film. Other than that, audiences will get a theatrical trailer, a “Making of” documentary, and screen tests. I’m glad they managed to throw some new extras together before it was too late and the cast and creators were all gone, which has been a problem with new Blu-Ray releases of older films in the past.

If you haven’t seen American Graffiti, check it out. Even if you don’t want to spring $26.98 for the Blu-Ray copy, it’s worth a Netflix rent or ten bucks or so for the DVD. You’ll have to excuse me, though. I need to go channel all of my nervous excitement into something constructive.