I’m not super savvy when it comes to animated television, but I once caught an episode of Robot Chicken that had a parody sketch featuring this animated dude named -- ridiculously -- Thurgoode Orenthal Stubbs. This led me to do some research and find out there was an entire animated series featuring ridiculous characters, and it was called The PJs. The stop-motion animated show aired for most of three seasons, the early ones on Fox and the later ones on the WB, in the early 2000s. The plot of the show concerned a family living in the projects in Detroit, and get this, Eddie Murphy played the voice of one Thurgoode Orenthal Stubbs.

To bring this whole stop-motion animation plus Robot Chicken equals Cartoon Network thing to a succinct conclusion, The PJs was given syndication revival on Adult Swim a while back, and because of whatever success the show garnered on that station, Season 1 is now coming to DVD. The season set will hit the market on May 3rd and will be a pretty cost-effective purchase. Audiences can buy 312 minutes of stop-motion television for $19.99.

If that’s still not cheap enough, you can think about watching half episodes on YouTube, the poor man’s cable. Just try not to get distracted by videos of fat kids falling over.

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