Lord of the Rings fans were understandably excited when New Line announced the release of the epic fantasy trilogy on Blu-ray last year. We were less thrilled -- though not terribly surprised -- when it turned out the initial release would just be the theatrical cuts of the films, rather than the extended editions that incorporated all manner of interesting footage back into the films. Now, however, we may finally get the Lord of the Rings Blu-rays we wanted all along, because the intrepid folks over at The Digital Bits are hearing from their sources that the LOTR extended editions are coming sometime this year.

It makes sense, given that The Hobbit films are finally ramping up toward production and are sure to usher in a new pandemic of Tolkien fever. And while this is still just a rumor at this point, Digital Bits has a good track record when it comes to this sort of thing so don't be surprised to hear an official confirmation on the extended edition plans sometime in the near future. When that word comes, we'll report it here.

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