There were rumblings of James Cameron's The Abyss being slated for a 2011 Blu-ray release way back in September, and now there's another tidbit of info suggesting this will be the case. The same Norwegian magazine interview that suggests that the Star Wars Blu-rays will only include the special editions also indicates that both The Abyss and True Lies are being prepped for 2011 Blu-ray releases.

The interview with Vincent Marcias of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment marketing was spotted by the folks over at The Digital Bits, who also apparently did a little translation work. You can read the full article right here, beginning on page eight, but you may have to crack out your copy of Rosetta Stone to do so.

Here's hoping it proves to be true, because I've been salivating over the prospect of a high-def copy of The Abyss for a while now.

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