It's been a frustrating time for fans of Netflix's streaming Instant Watch service. As Netflix has continued its plans for world domination, various networks and studios are trying to reposition themselves into a more beneficial position with the rental juggernaut. Last week, Showtime announced that they would be yanking their currently airing shows off the service as part of its renegotiations with Netflix. So long, Dexter, Weeds, and Californication. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Starz plans to implement a 90-day window before new episodes of its original shows will be available on Instant Watch.

The delay will be kicking in tomorrow, April 1st, meaning any of you without a Starz subscription who were hoping to check out the first episode of Camelot will be sorely disappointed. It's not a terribly surprising move given that the network has had several hits with Spartacus: Blood and Sand and its prequel, Gods of the Arena, and is looking to further expand its original line-up with shows like Camelot. Still, it's disappointing news for folks for whom Netflix has become the go-to destination for easily accessed entertainment.

The article notes that Starz also plans to begin delaying its first-run movies to Netflix at a later date.

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