Doom has been an iconic cornerstone in the evolution of first-person shooters since the 90s. After Doom 3 came along things took a turn toward modernity and a lot of the identity that helped the FPS stand out so much during the 1990s was lost in a sea of high-end graphics and corridor jump-scares. Well, id Software is getting back into the trenches to revitalize Doom in the upcoming reboot due out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Bethesda is expected to show the game off at this year's E3 and we're likely to get our first glimpse at the gameplay.

Before we see Doom in action at this year's E3, it might be nice to at least throw some wishlist items on the wall in hopes of seeing some of the classic features make a return but scaled up high and mighty for today's generation of gaming technology. So here's a list of 10 features that need to make a comeback in the upcoming Doom reboot.

Doom Guy's Super Speed
255... is a number many old school gamers are familiar with. Why? Because it's the maximum speed the Doom Guy could run using the console or the speed buff in the original Doom games from the 1990s. The Doom Guy has always been notoriously fast. So fast in fact, that there are studies done by the community to measure just how fast he actually is. Why should this return to the game? Because it made the original Doom games absolutely brilliant... brilliantly fast. You could dodge projectiles, circle around bosses at lightning speeds and it's even how the Doom Guy managed to jump, since he didn't actually have a jump button. Yes, he ran so fast that he jumped just based on his forward momentum. How insane is that?

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