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Fans of the Dreamcast adventure Shenmue have been begging Sega to remake the game for modern consoles. A new report suggests that Sega has already completed HD versions of Shenmue and its sequel and they've been sitting on them for over a year.

A source with "ties to Sega" tells GamerZines that the remakes are for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. Sega hasn't released them because they're not sure of their plans for the Shenmue franchise. Specifically, they're not sure whether they're making Shenmue III.

Shenmue, released in 1999, is an open-world RPG. Japanese youth Ryo Hazuki sees his father murdered by a man seeking the "Dragon Mirror." Ryo sets out in search of revenge. His journey eventually takes him to Hong Kong in Shenmue II. The sequel ends with a cliffhanger.

Both games in the series garnered strong reviews but sales didn't match that. Furthermore, the production budgets were a bit too pricey for Sega's taste. The first Shenmue cost about $47 million, making it the most expensive game of its time. Sega's essentially been debating whether to make Shenmue III for the past decade.

Regardless of whether or not they make Shenmue III, it seems silly to hold onto finished products for over a year. If Sega really has completed these remakes, they ought to release them. Maybe now that this report is out there, they'll be pressured to do so.

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