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Deep Silver has announced that they need a troll-resistant community manager for the upcoming game, Dead Island: Epidemic. Do you qualify? Are you troll-resistant? Can you withstand the flames of fanboys that can sometimes exceed degrees of over 9000? Well, if you have a flameproof jock-strap or chastity belt on hand, you might want to consider joining Deep Silver's ranks.

Deep Silver's international community manager (meaning they have to deal with fanboys who can troll in different languages) Maurice Tan took to Twitter to announce that Deep Silver is looking for a community manager to head up their upcoming online multiplayer game, Dead Island: Epidemic.

Dang, well I have to be trained like a Pokemon, so I guess that discounts me. But if you don't have to be trained like a Pokemon and you can take charge of people like Mussolini, Gengis Khan, Kadafi, Joseph Stalin, Yahya Jammeh or some other guy whose name starts with an 'H' that I can't remember, well then, you just might be perfect for the job. Despots are always great social motivators and Deep Silver needs a great social motivator.

In addition to being able to get people to do what you want (for the betterment of gaming society) you'll also need to be able to communicate well... something, many dictators are excelled at as well. The only thing some of you totalitarians might find offensive is that you'll need to put the community above your own needs, I know I know, you're probably thinking “But none of the American politicians in Government put the people's needs before their own”. Well that's true, but then again our Government are about as useful as pot-smoking delinquents who are put in charge of balancing a fiscal budget... oh wait, I just named Congress.

Anyway, according to Deep Silver's job requirements...
For you, the community will always come first, and you will act as the community’s champion within Deep Silver’s organization. You will work closely with the International Community Manager, and you will use your unparalleled creative freedom, access, passion, and responsibilities to help realize the potential of Dead Island: Epidemic and its community.

Unlike a house divided over healthcare, your job will be to bring everyone together and help them realize the full potential of Dead Island: Epidemic. You'll also be charged with maintaining community engagement, contests and forum proliferation in order to grow and expand the Dead Island community.

If you're the kind of gung-ho socialite who can bring people together, control their motivations and potential raise up an army the way Riot Games has their own private army without a nation, then you'll probably fit right in with the Deep Silver team. Oh yeah, and you'll actually have to enjoy playing free-to-play games... that probably removes 99.999% of the core console gaming community from being eligible.

You can sign up for the job or learn more by paying a visit to Deep Silver's official job listing page.

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